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  • Jyothi Mukundan
    A home away from home!! Great ambience, excellent and prompt services, homely atmosphere and a dedicated and affectionate staff. it is difficult to match one of this kind in Mumbai!!
  • Radhika Chopra
    I wish they were many more places like this. Great care, wonderful atmosphere and living with dignity, Love and care is what seniors need and this place fulfills all criterias. Staff is excellent.
  • Rohan Alva
    My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2010. I was warned by doctors that she would lose her memory completely, and would be dependent on me for all her daily activities as her sickness advances. As the years progressed, I had to brush her teeth, help her in the toilet and even give her bath. Servants and other help from various agencies would not last very long due to the nature of the sickness. This started taking a toll on me. I was lucky to find Sahabhaav Elderly Care Home, who agreed to take her in and look after her. It was a very painful decision, but I decided to try it out. The facility is designed for 14 residents who are looked after by staff and nurses who are well trained and extremely courteous. It is air conditioned and designed with modern amenities. Residents have access to wifi, Amazon prime & Netflix on a big screen TV, and various other facilities. Group activities like yoga are also organized for senior citizens. Doctors visit the facility regularly to check the residents. Dr. Mini, the founder is a gem of a person. Anybody who is seriously look for a state of the art elderly care facility for their loved ones should definitely consider Sahabhaav. You will not find a better home for your loved ones in Mumbai at their prices. I highly recommend them.
  • Rashmi Saran
    Very happy and homely home away from home. The staff under Dr. Mini and Ms. Amee is very nice and helpful. They take very good care and try to keep the inmates happy and busy. We are very happy about the place. Initially we were hesitant to keep our mom away from us but after visiting Sahbhaav we thought we would give it a try. Our Mom is bedridden and needs help with her day to day activities. The staff take very good care of her. All the best Dr. Mini, we are very thankful.
  • Ekta Ghai
    Sahabhaav is truly a home away from home atmosphere. Highly recommended, the staff is commendable☺️