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Do you remember the days in your childhood where you would have a sleep over with cousins or friends? Remember how much fun it was? That is the feeling one gets at Sahabhaav. The residents at Sahabhaav are on a permanent vacation where they live life to the fullest.


Day Care

Sahabhaav offers day care to Senior Citizens who are alone at home while the children go to work. The objective is not just to relieve the anxiety of children over their parents being alone at home, nor just to reduce the dependency on maids, but to give them the confidence that their loved ones are in safe hands and also having fun!

The service is available from 0800 – 2000 hours.

Day care at Sahabhaav includes all four meals every day and participation in activities planned for the day, even outdoor trips and visits. Members can rest or sleep in lounge chairs provided and looked after by the nurse on duty. Should it be required there is always a doctor on call. All medical information, will be considered including allergies and intolerances to food / medicine.



In addition to looking after regular residents, Sahabhaav also offers different day care packages. Short term stays or scheduled day care can be customized as per customer requirement, if available.