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Sahabhaav is a Luxurious Premium Geriatric Facility for people above 60. Round the clock nurses ensures that daily medicines are taken on time and regular visits by Doctors will take care of any health issues that may crop up. An in house lab makes it simpler to run tests in order to help medical aid.

The two centres of Sahabhaav can accommodate 17 residents who have no trouble with mobility or need minimal assistance to walk and 9 bed ridden citizens who need round the clock nursing care. The residential block is well furnished with modern amenities. Sahabhaav has areas designated for dining and physical activity. Smart TVs with access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and an enviable collection of BBC and National Geographic DVDs ensure enough entertainment for all. There are gardens outside for walking and facilitating other recreational activity.

A delectable menu with choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, an array of hobbies to choose from, a decent collection of books and magazines, Wifi with assisted video calls to loved ones besides many other interesting options of activities will ensure a happy environment at Sahabhaav.

Regular emails and health updates by email will keep the kin and dear ones of all residents constantly updated of the activities done at Sahabhaav, besides posting pictures, videos and health reports.

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    To provide a home away from home for
    the elderly.

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    To enhance health and happiness amongst
    senior citizens

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    Love and personalised care.
    Integrity, Dignity and Respect to every individual.
    Transparency in our service.

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    Goals and Objectives

    To be the most favoured second home
    option for the elderly!

    • Profile
      Dr. Mini Panicker

      A senior Homeopathic medical practitioner with over two decades of experience, including ten years in running Sunita Hospital, Dr Mini Panicker(BHMS,DHA) is the driving force behind setting up Sahabhaav, a unique, one-of-a-kind facility for elders in the heart of Mumbai.

      Interacting with thousands of patients at Sunita Hospital, a 20-bed general hospital, she realised that a premium retirement home is a much needed requirement within the heart of Mumbai.

      Sahabhaav was born to address the health needs of senior citizens. “We aim to focus on mental and physical health of our elders, in order to assist them live happy and productive lives. Living amongst peers will address loneliness that plagues the elders today. Our team of trained staff will keep the residents engaged to improve their quality of life while unburdening them of daily chores” says Dr Panicker.

      “Sahabhaav will be moulded with love and affection, so that I can make the quality of life better for the residents under my care,” she concludes.

    • Profile
      Amee Shah

      An experienced Hospital Administrator, Amee Shah(BSc, DHA), was the Senior Manager at Sunita Hospital for nine years, managing all the day-to-day operations and systems as well as ensuring that the staff were aligned to the overall goals and values of the enterprise.

      Prior to that, Amee also worked as part of the administration in the Asian Heart Hospital at Mumbai handling tasks related to Operations.

      “She has been the supporting force and the hands that got the work done,” says Dr Panicker, “and has provided unwavering support and lots of hard work in making the dream of Sahabhaav a reality. With her eye for detail and a heart of gold, I can always be assured that the residents of Sahabhaav will feel pampered!”

    The Working Team comprises of

    • Trained nurses
    • Versatile chefs
    • Caring attendants
    • Trained housekeeping staff