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  • Ashwini Mohandas

    SAHABHAAV as the name suggests denotes coexistence. This noble institution is dedicated to the cause of the geriatric and physically challenged to rejuvenate and to rekindle the spirit of each and everyone to uplift and lead a normal and healthy life. This would not have been possible but for the pioneering efforts and determination of Dr. Mini Panicker who is the founder of Sahabhaav an institution of repute within the heart of Mumbai city. I am highly obliged and grateful to Dr. Mini and the staff of Sahabhaav who took personal care of Mrs. Chandrika Krishna Das my sister-in-law
    and whose recovery was remarkable considering her physical fitness and mobility. I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Mini Panicker and the staff of
    Sahabhaav for their wholehearted support in an endeavor to revitalize and improve the health of Mrs. Chandrika Das.
    N. Mohandas – Mahim, Mumbai

  • Jyothi Mukundan

    A home away from home!! Great ambience, excellent and prompt services, homely atmosphere and a dedicated and affectionate staff. it is difficult to match one of this kind in Mumbai!!

  • Usha Sivaraman

    Sahabhaav… is a much-needed, welcome oasis in Mumbai; providing the twin needs of home-from-home environment and professional standards of healthcare and nutrition; for one’s dear, elderly family members. It is run by Dr Mini, herself a medical practitioner with a wholesome experience in hospital care, and her equally able and experienced support staff. We are delighted to have been able to avail of the services of this bright and well-appointed home for my mother-in-law, who has settled in with ease and cheer, undeniably due to the positives brought in by Dr Mini and her team. They manage and monitor her health concerns diligently and respectfully. Apart from the sterling care, there are outdoor picnics and indoor entertainment provided that my mother-in-law looks forward to, participates and thoroughly enjoys. It is also ideally located for easy access, in the very heart of Andheri. Very definitely, highly recommended.

  • Rashmi Saran

    Very happy and homely home away from home. The staff under Dr. Mini and Ms. Amee is very nice and helpful. They take very good care and try to keep the inmates happy and busy. We are very happy about the place. Initially we were hesitant to keep our mom away from us but after visiting Sahbhaav we thought we would give it a try. Our Mom is bedridden and needs help with her day to day activities. The staff take very good care of her. All the best Dr. Mini, we are very thankful.

  • Jitendra Devlia

    We were on the third week with my father-97- but fit except wheelchair bound. We are very happy that we found Sahabhaav run by Dr. Minee and Amee shah, it is classes better then others that we saw till then. Particularly impressed with standard of hygiene and general pristine condition of this recently opened premium care home for seniors with a good size complement of nursing staff as well as care attendants.