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  • Prashant Rao

    My dad had a paralytic stroke which rendered him completely immobile and incommunicable about 10 months ago. While looking for a place which could take care of him, i stumbled upon Sahabhaav purely by happenstance. I went and checked the place out, which was then quite new. But just going there and interacting with Dr Minnie and Amee, made me instinctively realize that this would be a good home to provide palliative care for my dad . I made the decision to move my dad here . And my instinct was proved right. From providing a clean, comfortable, airy, hygienic and optimistic space, to ensuring that my dad was provided care by empathetic and humane care givers, to escalating cases to the right medical practitioners , Sahabhaav,
    ensured that my dads last 9 months were as comfortable and compassionate as possible. Two specific incidents come to mind. 1. When they celebrated my dads birthday with gusto and fervor. And Secondly the exemplary care that Team Sahabhaav gave my dad and their other residents during the lockdown. I could go on, but all i would say is that Sahabhaav is a good home for your loved parent. It is a house built with love, care, competence and humanity I would strongly recommend Sahabhaav.

  • Parizad Motiwala

    I feel like five stars is not enough to rate Dr. Mini, Amee and their teams at Sahabhaav. I need about 10 of them! The way they looked after my
    late mother and took care of her was legendary. I live in the US and was looking for a place in Mumbai that could look after my parents as I
    was away. I can honestly say that the standards of care at Sahabhaav rival anything in the US, but keep the care and love of an Indian family
    so it’s the best of all worlds. Everyone at Sahabhaav is and always will be part of our extended family.

  • Ranjith Paliath

    I evaluated Sahabhaav, as my one of my friends abroad was looking for an old age home for his parents. The place is well located and is a great set up overall. It is very different from the old age homes that I have seen. The place is clean, well lit up and richly furnished like an upscale resort. The facilities are great and what makes the place special is the people that take care of the inmates like Dr.Mini Panickar, Ami Shah and their team.
    They do activities during festivals and Ganapati Bapa was set up when i went there. The delicacies made for the occasion were mouth watering while keeping in mind the clientele they cater too. I am really impressed by the concept and the work that is being done by the team.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Rohan Alva

    My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2010. I was warned by doctors that she would lose her memory completely, and would be dependent on me for all her daily activities as her sickness advances. As the years progressed, I had to brush her teeth, help her in the toilet and even give her bath. Servants and other help from various agencies would not last very long due to the nature of the sickness. This started taking a toll on me. I was lucky to find Sahabhaav Elderly Care Home, who agreed to take her in and look after her. It was a very painful decision, but I decided to try it out. The facility is designed for 14 residents who are looked after by staff and nurses who are well trained and extremely courteous. It is air conditioned and designed with modern amenities. Residents have access to wifi, Amazon prime & Netflix on a big screen TV, and various other facilities. Group activities like yoga are also organized for senior citizens. Doctors visit the facility regularly to check the residents. Dr. Mini, the founder is a gem of a person. Anybody who is seriously look for a state of the art elderly care facility for their loved ones should definitely consider Sahabhaav. You will not find a better home for your loved ones in Mumbai at their prices. I highly recommend them.

  • Prerna Varma

    A well done up and Happy place. Dr Mini with the support of her staff and ever  smiling Amee, take keen interest in ensuring that Sahabhaav delivers what it promises – a place where care and well being of elders in the family is of utmost importance. We are at peace that Sahabhaav is an extension of our home and even when we are away – everything that we would do for our elders is being taken care of by the efficient team. Best wishes.