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Usha Sivaraman

Sahabhaav… is a much-needed, welcome oasis in Mumbai; providing the twin needs of home-from-home environment and professional standards of healthcare and nutrition; for one’s dear, elderly family members. It is run by Dr Mini, herself a medical practitioner with a wholesome experience in hospital care, and her equally able and experienced support staff. We are delighted to have been able to avail of the services of this bright and well-appointed home for my mother-in-law, who has settled in with ease and cheer, undeniably due to the positives brought in by Dr Mini and her team. They manage and monitor her health concerns diligently and respectfully. Apart from the sterling care, there are outdoor picnics and indoor entertainment provided that my mother-in-law looks forward to, participates and thoroughly enjoys. It is also ideally located for easy access, in the very heart of Andheri. Very definitely, highly recommended.