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Neha Vin

Sahabhaav was the best decision we took when we were looking for a home and family for my father, a true Mumbaikar. His stay of little over a year at Sahabhaav was filled with warm affection, love, care and tremendous patience by each and every person from the Sahabhaav team.

Everyone at Sahabhhav was highly responsible and responsive. We found them to be very friendly … not just to all the senior citizens who stay at Sahabhaav, but also to the visiting friends and family.

The Sahabhaav facility was excellent. Most days at Sahabhaav were filled with several activities, starting with Yoga in the morning to drawing/painting/games in the afternoon. They also celebrated most festivals and holidays, as well as everyone’s birthdays. The Sahabhaav team would take photos and videos of my father participating in these activities and share them with us almost daily.

Dad was very picky and selective about his food. The Sahabhaav team took the effort to understand his likes, dislikes and preferences, and tried to offer him variety that would keep him happy.

Perhaps the most challenging situation we faced during my dad’s stay at Sahabhaav was when he was hospitalised for Covid. When he returned from hospital, he was very disoriented, and very fragile both mentally and physically. The Sahabhaav team worked tirelessly for weeks to bring him back to his cheerful self, as well as to take care of all of his physical ailments.

Overall, we could not have found a better home for Dad. We would like to thank the entire Sahabhaav team for everything they have done for Dad and us!