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Jyothi Srikantan

My mother in law (Amma) is 89 and was afflicted with Covid. She was in the ICU & Ward for 14 days. Within some weeks after her return home, she faced sodium and electrolyte imbalances and was again admitted in the ICU after she had convulsions.

She couldn’t walk, talk or carry out basic functions on her own. We were finding it extremely difficult to manage Amma by ourselves along with a 24-hour help.

That’s where *Sahabhaav* came in. It is a Geriatric facility for senior citizens in the heart of the city run by Dr. Mini Panicker, ably assisted by Ms. Amee Shah and a team of able Managers, Nurses and staff.

We got in touch with them and they were kind enough to visit our home to meet Amma, whereafter, they agreed to take in Amma at their facility.

What we witnessed in the next three weeks was like a miracle! Thanks to their expert assistance and ministrations, Amma today’s talks fluently; walks the length and breath of our flat and is in the best of spirits and mental acumen.

Mini and Amee are great people.The beauty is that the facility is blessed with dedicated and sincere people, right up to the male assistants.

The facility functions like a mini Hospital with basic tests undertaken within the premises itself.

They do have broad rules but each individual is treated based on their needs and requirements. Amma is South Indian and a vegetarian – she gets the food she likes including curd with each meal!!

Here, the seniors are treated as individuals with preferences & their likes and dislikes are noted.

They are indulged (and even pampered) with various activities and kept in good humour. For example, Amma is good with crochet, knitting and rangoli. Despite her advanced age, she was made to pursue these interests and supplied with the required material!

There are various entertainment options: seated yoga, games (drawing colouring, carrom – you name it!), prayers/aarathi, music, singers…the list goes on.

Here is a place where you leave your loved ones & be at peace that they are in very safe and good hands. In many ways, the facilities are equal or better than what we offer at home: Fowler beds, O2 supply, ECG, blood tests, Doctor visits, air conditioning & most important, a never ending group of affable, smiling and engaging staff keeping every member’s spirits up ensuring speedy return to good health, like we witnessed in Amma.

Kudos to Dr. Mini and her team & may God bless them to keep up the great work…