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Team Sahabhaav genuinely care with kindness, decency and compassion! I cannot thank Dr Mini Panicker, Amee Shah and their brilliant team enough for looking after my mother so wonderfully for the last 5 months.

My mother is completely dependent and needs round the clock care. She was looked after at home for several years, but with advancing frailty, social isolation, and increasingly complex medical needs, we needed a team, with the right knowledge, resources, and compassionate approach. Now with the excellent care, my mother’s health has improved, her quality of life is better, and she is so much more alert. Her bed sores, which we thought would never heal, have all but disappeared.

Sahabhaav has a positive vibe of kindness, empathy and general cheerfulness. A place that is thoughtfully decorated, well maintained, well equipped for medical care, a comfortable home, where our parents can live with dignity. Before accepting to take on my mother’s care, Dr Mini and Amee, visited my mother at home, carefully went through her medical issues and care requirements to decide if they were able to meet her needs. As a doctor myself, I was impressed with the standard of their assessment and attention to detail and they were very respectful and considerate towards my mother.

I was at Sahabhaav almost every day for the first 3 weeks of my mother’s stay, to settle her in and thus had an opportunity to see for myself how excellent the day-to-day care is and how well this place is run. The staff were very happy to liaise with me, to understand my mother’s likes and dislikes and how best to meet her needs. Reassuringly, they quickly established links with various clinicians involved in my mother’s care. There is always enough staff around and everyone is very considerate and loving, to all residents. The team truly understand that residents, now in their twilight years, need to feel happy, secure, content, stimulated and treated with respect. They need to be listened to and their individual needs be met. There are a range of activities that help stimulate. They do love a good party and there are many celebrations! The wide variety of food is delicious and made fresh on site. Staff go over and beyond to ensure that individual taste is catered for and ensure that every individual has the right food and drink. I was really touched when they asked me the recipes of food my mother enjoys. The care is truly person centric.

I am also grateful for the team’s kindness and patience towards us, understanding fully well our trepidations and anxieties around the enormous step of placing one’s loved one in their care. Knowing my mother is now getting the best possible care, helps to ease that worry. We are in regular communication and Team Sahabhaav works in partnership with us around any decisions about our mother’s care. I cannot recommend Sahabhaav enough. The care is truly outstanding. I wish Team Sahabhaav ongoing success!