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Ashwini Mohandas

SAHABHAAV as the name suggests denotes coexistence. This noble institution is dedicated to the cause of the geriatric and physically challenged to rejuvenate and to rekindle the spirit of each and everyone to uplift and lead a normal and healthy life. This would not have been possible but for the pioneering efforts and determination of Dr. Mini Panicker who is the founder of Sahabhaav an institution of repute within the heart of Mumbai city. I am highly obliged and grateful to Dr. Mini and the staff of Sahabhaav who took personal care of Mrs. Chandrika Krishna Das my sister-in-law
and whose recovery was remarkable considering her physical fitness and mobility. I express my deep gratitude to Dr. Mini Panicker and the staff of
Sahabhaav for their wholehearted support in an endeavor to revitalize and improve the health of Mrs. Chandrika Das.
N. Mohandas – Mahim, Mumbai