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Anuja Pande

My mom and me visited Sahabhaav end of 2019, precisely Dec 31st and the visit truly changed our lives. Our visit was totally unplanned and casual to take a look at the place, meet the residents and we were welcomed with open arms. All the dada and dadijis immediately connected with us and were happy talking to us. We laughed as a group, sang songs, dada played the harmonium. Sahbhaav seems to have touched their lives as a breath of fresh air where the residents feel loved, cared for and given importance. Each of their needs are looked after minutely, doctors pay visit regularly, social activities on a daily basis keep them engaged and uplifts their spirits. I could see Sahbhaav giving them a new hope to live, spend the rest of their lives relaxed and in peace. Hatts off to Dr. Mini and Amee Shah and the entire staff of Sahbhaav for their round the clock service to create a difference in the lives of some very important people in our lives, busy schedules tend to forget!