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Bella Rao

Being overseas and unable to travel to see mum and dad both in their 80s due to Covid 19 along with sudden death of dad was a shock .Came the daunting task of finding some place to have mum safe and sound in care due to many health issues . As we had no relative no family to reach out to . Searching online and doing face time interviews with different care homes was my only options due to peak lockdowns .Spoke to many teams of agescare but mainly it was about package deals or support staff on phone not very convincing or what they had to offer vs what I was looking for mums care . Some insisted they needed a local guardian to take patient in case of hospitalisation is required and we had non.
Some were to far away from Mumbai and another question was who would be able to transport mum alone and settle her in intercity / inter state home / and are they easy to acess.So these had to be ruled out .
I chanced upon Sahabhaav a Premium Geriatric Care for seniors thru a friend and left a message for them to call back as my last hope.I promptly received a call back from Dr Mini Panicker Founder of Sahabhaav and we spoke almost for 30 min at length about what Sahabhaav had to offer and what were mums needs.Dr Mini was the first person out of so many agecare teams I spoke too who asked about mum about her needs and not about package deals!Gut feeling I knew mum would be safe and well cared here ! And here we are 6 months in with ups and down with mum health, many tears and face times I finally made it back home to visit mum and I’m glad mum is her at Sahaabhav. I’ve spent precious days and lots of time with staff and mum and all I can say is all 25 to 30 staff members are like family.All take wonderful care are very gentle and look in to each and every residents need with love . All of the staff know about each and every residents. Perfectly coordinated handover makes managing the needs of the resident a breeze.There’s Aarti and Yoga and games outings where possible and celebrations done with much fanfare . Regular health check medical appointments to hospitalisation if needed are well taken care off .Regular email updates on health and activity updates on whatsapp group ensured family near and afar would be updated regularly . Sahabhaav would not be Sahabhaav and would not be able to uphold its values without their whole team which is Dr Mini Panicker and her pillar of strengths -Dr Sharma their In-house Physician humble and very caring . Coordinators Amee Jasleen Neelam and Kauser. The nurses Varsha Harshda Malini Snehal. Chefs and caretakers team Kanan Sandeep Shobha Latika and Ratna Reshma and Shyamala to name a few . Kuddos to this team well done.I have come back to my family overseas knowing that Sahabhav is more than home for mum .
DR Mini and team Sahabhaav thank you so much for every thing .:)