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YAKD – Yet Another Key Displayer Download PC/Windows

YAKD – Yet Another Key Displayer is an easy-to-use tool that will display key presses on the computer screen. It is ideal for those who want to record or stream gameplay in real-time.
The program is very easy to configure and works with all Windows operating systems.
● Lightweight: 1.52 MB
● Easy to use: only two clicks required to get started
● Works with all Windows operating systems: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/2003/2000
● Fullscreen: if configured, your screen will be completely covered by the application
● Hides mouse pointer: if configured, the program will hide the mouse pointer when you press a key.
● Moves easily: just drag the window to any position
● Preview key presses: if configured, the program will show you what keys are being pressed.
● Blocks all other applications: if configured, the program will prevent other applications from being displayed on your screen
● Works with all keyboards: in addition to traditional keyboard layouts, you can also use any multimedia keyboard, including the Xbox, Nintendo and Android-based keyboards.
● Works with all operating systems: the application works with all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 and Windows Vista.
● Works with all video streaming software: the program is compatible with all video streaming software and webcams.
● Multimedia keys: configure the program so that certain multimedia keys such as Media Next/Play, Media Prev/Forward/Stop, Volume Up/Down and so on can be used to perform specific tasks in your streaming software.
● Supports all keyboards: configure the program so that you can choose which keys will be used to control your computer. It is also possible to remap the functions of other keys to perform certain tasks.
Download YAKD
YAKD – Yet Another Key Displayer Free

What is? Ever wished you could see your characters’ vital information in real-time? Too many games leave you having to guess at what your character’s health, stamina, or other stats are at certain points in the game, just because the information isn’t displayed on-screen. This utility provides a graphic overlay that will tell you exactly what your characters’ stats are at any given time.
What does it do? This program displays a graphic representation of your characters’ stats on the screen.
How does it work? To use the program, you need to have the utility

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KEYMACRO can record macros (keystrokes or mouse clicks) and playback them. It is capable of recording (enabling/disabling) any combination of the following keys:
F1 – Display Key Settings
F2 – Enable/Disable Record Mode
F3 – Enable/Disable playback mode
F4 – Activate playback mode
F5 – Play/Stop recording
F6 – Clear recorder and display settings
F7 – Reset recorder
F8 – Reset playback settings
F9 – Reset display settings
F10 – Reset both the settings
F11 – Enter recording mode
F12 – Toggle recording mode
F13 – Exit recording mode
F14 – Toggle playback mode
F15 – Toggle playback mode
F16 – Toggle recording mode
F17 – Play
F18 – Pause
F19 – Stop
F20 – Next file
F21 – Prev file
F22 – Open file
F23 – Save file
F24 – Exit file
F25 – Open directory
F26 – Save directory
F27 – Cut file
F28 – Copy file
F29 – Paste file
F30 – Properties
F31 – Search
F32 – Undo
F33 – Redo
F34 – Zoom in
F35 – Zoom out
F36 – Fit to window
F37 – Restore last fit
F38 – Zoom to 100%
F39 – Zoom to 50%
F40 – Zoom to 25%
F41 – Zoom to 10%
F42 – Zoom to 5%
F43 – Zoom to 1%
F44 – Zoom to 0.1%
F45 – Clear
F46 – New file
F47 – New directory
F48 – New folder
F49 – New window
F50 – New tab
F51 – New search
F52 – New window
F53 – New tab
F54 – Open folder
F55 – Exit
F56 – Full Screen
F57 – Fit to screen
F58 – Maximize
F59 – Restore last fit
F60 – Minimize
F61 – Restore last fit
F62 – Resize window
F63 – Restore last fit
F64 – Arrange icons in grid
F65 – Tile window
F66 – Iconify window
F67 – Toggle iconify
F68 – Toggle opacity
F69 – Toggle translucency
F70 – Toggle translucent
F71 – Increase opacity

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Simple overlay for displaying key presses.
Useful tool that still needs a bit of work


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What’s New in the?

YAKD is a Free real-time keypress display tool that enables you to create a notepad-style window with the information you want to show on your screen. You can use it to display:
* Key Presses
* Gamepad Buttons (e.g. XPad, Xbox 360 Controller, etc.)
* Overlay Windows (e.g. XChat, Windows Media Player)
* etc.
The only limitation is that you cannot make it bigger than your desktop resolution.
You can easily configure your keypress window (background color, opacity, font and size,…) with the configuration window.
How to use:
You must first click the button in the configuration window to start the tool and configure it to your liking. Then click again to activate the keypress window. This will minimize in the system tray if you’re using Windows.
The keypress window is always on top of all other windows. It has two buttons on the top right corner (minimise and close).
* Playback and Recording (PC)
* Easy configuration (Paste keys as much as you like or select existing keys)
* Clear buttons and screenshot options
* Configurable window (background color, opacity, font and size)
* Keypress settings
* Display modes (string, gamepad, overlay window, FPS counter, FOV and zoom,…)
* Export option
* Fast and efficient
* Runs on Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8,…)
* Free and Open Source Software
* User friendly
* Frequent updates
* Supports multiple languages and keyboards
Main Author:
Paul Rene (
If you like the program, I would be thankful if you would consider making a donation to support the author (check the donation link on the game’s home page). Even small donations are welcome.
Please see the donation page to find out how you can support the author.
System Requirements:
– Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
– 512MB RAM
– 500MB Hard Drive
– OpenGL 2.0
– Winamp 2.9 and later

System Requirements For YAKD – Yet Another Key Displayer:

A good internet connection
One of the game graphics cards listed below
A compatible mouse, keyboard, and controller
Hard drive: Minimum 4GB
OS: Windows 7 or higher
Windows Steam hardware requirements per Valve (September 2016):
Windows 7 or later:
Graphics: Any video card that runs Windows 7 or newer will work.
Minimum: Intel HD 4000 or NVIDIA GT 640M, or equivalent AMD GPU
Recommended: AMD FirePro W7100 or Radeon 7900 Series or NVIDIA GTX 760