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Xceed Grid For .NET Crack Registration Code [2022-Latest]

Xceed Grid for.NET is a powerful, feature-rich Windows Forms grid control that is 100% managed and completely.NET compatible. The grid control enables you to create a two-dimensional data table for virtually any.NET application with unmatched power, flexibility, and speed. Xceed Grid for.NET handles collections of data in a manner that closely resembles a traditional multi-dimensional array or collection.
Xceed Grid for.NET provides grid support for all the common data types, including dates, time, numbers, strings, and the two-dimensional array that is necessary for supporting collections. Also, Xceed Grid for.NET provides many features that make it uniquely suited to display and edit data, including:
■ You can easily add grid columns to display arbitrary, non-data-source-bound data, including such things as headers and footers.
■ You can highlight a specific row or column, as if it were a variable, and have all editable cells focus on it.
■ You can display data as a tree-structure or as an outline, all within one grid, all within one application, all within a single window, all within a single form, etc.
■ You can easily create master-detail grids that group data by category or allow the user to select a particular category.
■ You can use Outlook-style grouping of rows, and drag to create new group headers. You can also apply a large cell with a smaller, detailed grid for the details in the large cell, and set this detail grid to display on a different monitor and provide the user with a preview.
■ You can add to the functionality of your data-bound data in a variety of ways, including:
■ You can create a smart grid, without code or wizards; Xceed’s designer will take care of all necessary configuration for you.
■ You can use the grid control as the display for ListView, DataList, DataGrid, TabControl, TreeView, and other controls.
■ You can use a grid control as the display and the editor for its own control.
■ You can add a data-bound grid to a toolbar, toolbox, menu or even a toolbar (again, all without code).
■ You can add the data-bound properties of controls to the grid.
■ You can use the grid as the data-bound control of another

Xceed Grid For .NET Crack + License Key

Xceed Grid for.NET is a powerful Windows Forms tool that enables.NET developers to create dynamic, object-oriented, grid-based applications with superior data-binding and editing capabilities. The Xceed Grid for.NET control is designed to be the fastest.NET grid ever made, with high quality displaying at roughly 4x faster than Microsoft’s DataGrid or other common grids, all with a WYSIWYG interface.
Xceed Grid for.NET highlights the following benefits over other.NET grid controls:
■ Add/Edit/Delete/Clear any row or column, even if it’s not in the collection that is being displayed or edited.
■ Enables row grouping.
■ It can display any.NET component as a viewer or editor (including nested.NET forms).
■ Enables multiple master/detail views within a single collection.
■ Create and manage header/footer rows dynamically.
■ It is suitable for virtually any Windows Forms data-bound application – including data-level validation, pagination, grouping, emailing data to clients, etc.
■ Enables automatic insert/edit mode on whole rows or selected cells.
■ High performance and minimal memory usage.
What’s New in This Release:
The following are the new additions in the version 12.12.0
■ Adds “Add” row to all grids
■ Adds drag/drop operation in grid header/footer area, allows to identify where to drop rows or columns.
■ Row group toggle button can be hidden or shown based on row count.
■ Model Row Selectors are now removed completely when row count is set to 1
■ Multiple master/detail sub grids can be created for single grid.
■ Selectors in group headers can be moved to place of add/edit/delete mode.
■ Row/columns are inserted/edited in grid position without modify data in other grids.
■ Active Accessibility Support in Windows Forms.
■ The grid can be displayed as Xceed Editors.
■ Print Preview is enhanced for Grid for.NET controls, now it displays bound control value along with grid.
■ The following are the list of bugs fixed
■ Fixed DeleteOnClick problem.
■ Column sorting would not work for user control based grids in

Xceed Grid For .NET Keygen Download [Updated] 2022

Xceed Grid for.NET is a highly extensible and powerful grid control for.NET. It is designed to provide a rich, logical, object oriented model for building grid-based applications and data access tools that are consistently and flexibly organized.
A Microsoft Silverlight application, Xceed DataGrid, is included as a download with this program, and is free to open and use. You do not need Xceed Grid for.NET to use DataGrid. Xceed Grid for.NET works with any.NET controls that can be displayed inside of a data grid in.NET; and additionally, you can optionally use the new Xceed Controls for.NET, including the new Xceed Editors for.NET for a true WYSIWYG experience.
Xceed Grid for.NET Features:
■ Unique Object model with.NET Specifics
■ Supports rows/columns/groups in many different combinations; and
■ Supports both table-like and a true hierarchial view of data; and
■ Supports both master/detail-like and Outlook-style row groupings.
■ Automatically maintains Column headers and Footers
■ Supports templates, queries, bindings, and other.NET objects as cells or groups; and
■ Supports all the standard controls plus many built in controls such as Windows Forms built-in controls, Xceed Controls, and Xceed Editors for.NET.
■ Extensibility
■ Supports Windows Forms Data Binding
■ Supports Data Binding Projects (even without a Data Binding Project Template file)
■ Columns, Rows, Groups, and Cells can be defined in XML files using any.NET language (C#, VB, J#, etc.) or from user-defined Object Types
■ Supports standard and custom cell renderers.
■ Supports custom sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing
■ Supports image/picture cells in addition to text cells and even supports selection of the image/picture
■ Supports images in DataBound form controls (e.g., datagrid).
■ Supports images in DataBound controls other than data grids, such as buttons, checkboxes, etc.
■ Supports custom columns: Flexible selection of data bound cell formats
■ Supports custom groups: Multiple groups per column, HTML-customized group headers, and much more.

What’s New In Xceed Grid For .NET?

Advanced and highly extensible Windows Forms grid control that combines all the best capabilities of bound and unbound grids while greatly improving on flexibility, reliability and display speed.
Xceed Grid for.NET will provide.NET developers with a rich and logical object oriented model for building solid grid-based programs.
This is the only.NET grid that combines the power of hierarchical master/detail views and Outlook-style row grouping with advanced features such as:
■ Classes that can all be inherited from and extended as needed for true flexibility.
■ The ability to use any.NET control as a viewer or editor.
■ The ability to add rows and columns that are not contained in a collection or data source at all (even in detail sub-grids).
Xceed’s grid is now faster than Microsoft’s grid. Sorting is now on average 5 to 25 times faster than in the previous version (2 to 8 times faster than in Microsoft’s DataGrid). It’s even faster to sort with Grid for.NET than it is to sort using Microsoft’s DataView directly. Display speed has also been improved, which is now 10% faster than in the previous version and 5% faster than in DataGrid, on average
Thanks to Xceed Grid for.NET’s true WYSIWYG designer, you can set up your entire grid, including headers & footers, row grouping, insertion rows, columns, master/detail views, and much more quickly and easily, right on your Visual Studio.NET form without code, wizards or having to decipher configuration dialogs. Quick & intuitive, as customers have come to expect from Xceed.
All visual elements displayed by the grid, including the columns, column headers, rows, cells, detail grids, group headers, margins and row selectors behave as if they were individual controls on the grid. Each one reacts separately to all mouse and paint events, and each one is a separate object in the object model that can be extended and improved.
What’s New in This Release:
■ Compatibility with Xceed Editors for.NET; display and data-binding enhancements. Speed improvements. Compatibility with Xceed Input Validator for.NET. Support for Microsoft’s Active Accessibility; single-click edit mode.
■.NET framework


You can see it here on sourceforge

System Requirements For Xceed Grid For .NET:

OS: Windows XP (SP3 or later) or OS X 10.5 or later
Processor: Pentium III (500MHz or higher)
Memory: 1 GB RAM (2GB recommended)
DirectX: Version 8.0
Hard Drive: 55 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card
Internet connection: 16.8 kbps modem connection, 56k modem, or broadband Internet connection
Video: 1024×768 resolution monitor
Media Information:
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