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Nov 26, 2020

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Vertical alignment of message in MessageBox

I’m looking for a possible way to align messages (MessageBox) vertically in.NET 4.
It’s not worth the effort to have a standard solution for that.
I suppose it could be solved by using a list or table and manually aligning each elements.
It’s better if the code is written in C# or VB.NET
Thank you


Well, there’s no built-in functionality to do that. You have to create your own.
Messages are aligned vertically (in.NET) using a VisualStylesheet. Add a VisualStylesheet for the title and edit the Style property as desired.
Note that you can choose to show or hide the OK button, which might be a more preferable behavior.

GSA, the giant US federal agency in charge of our government’s IT, has reached a settlement with Microsoft after more than a decade of legal skirmishes. Details of the agreement were first reported by The Washington Post, but have now been confirmed by Reuters and The Register. Under the settlement, Microsoft will pay GSA $1.27bn (£994m) over the next five years to settle all of the legal claims that GSA has brought against the software giant.

“This settlement is a major victory for small businesses and will help them save time, money and effort while fighting unfair business practices,” said Bill Enos, Microsoft general counsel.

And so the clock begins ticking on the settlement that began in 2002, when Microsoft was found to have willfully violated a settlement that it had reached with the Federal Communications Commission in a previous antitrust case.

At the time, Microsoft was accused of bundling together a suite of Office programs and going to great lengths to make it difficult for users to switch to a rival package. Microsoft has since paid a huge number of fines, settlements, and customer refunds over the same claims.

Both the GSA and the FCC claims relate to Office 2007 and previous versions of the software. Under the terms of the settlement, Microsoft is required to license Office to GSA for five years as part of the deal. This is in exchange for


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CNC Software


Vcarve DesignGuru Review – CNC Software for Hire

Vcarve DesignGuru Review – CNC Software for Hire

Vcarve DesignGuru Review – CNC Software for Hire

Vcarve DesignGuru Review – CNC Software for Hire.
Using a laser to cut and shape metal is one of the oldest skills in the tools of the trades. Today, ultra-precision laser cutting has migrated from aerospace and industrial contractors to garage makers and the home CNC router. VCarve DesignGuru Review looks at the latest evolution of the CNC laser world: CNC software.
The design curriculum lacks the CNC software and a hands-on overview of the function of CNC. Starting with woodworking and ending with metal cutting, the video looks at the woodworking side of design and mills, laser, and waterjet, and then moves to metal cutting and laser milling. Shot on location in a showcase shop in Phoenix, Arizona, this video shows you VCarve DesignGuru Review in a typical CNC shop.
CNC software, including CNC control, is a very powerful and affordable way to cut part dimensions in design. This video is recommended for anyone looking to learn CNC using design software.
Hosted by: Frank Jobe
Written & Edited by: Frank Jobe
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For Youtube the Fullscreen Team prefers the artist, maker, creator, organization and fund.


CNC vs. cutting grass with a push mower – vs.. vs..

CNC vs. cutting grass with a push mower – vs.. vs..

CNC vs. cutting grass with a push mower – vs.. vs..

Is it a good idea to use the computer controlled CNC router and if so why? What is it good for?
Metal cutting, turning and carving?