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Synapse Audio Toxic 2 VSTi V2.5 [Extra Quality]

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Synapse Audio Toxic 2 VSTi V2.5


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Category:VST pluginsEvaluation of a Raman-based optical detection system for the measurement of protein secondary structure in dairy products.
In this study, the application of a Raman-based optical detection system for the determination of the secondary structure of protein in dairy products is evaluated. Secondary structure was evaluated in commercially available ghee (cocoa butter), nuggets (a mixture of beef and pork in grated coconut), and milk (saffron milk, cream, and whole milk). Raman analysis of all the samples showed a low distribution of α-helices and β-sheets with a maximum in β-sheets for nuggets (40.6%). For all the milk samples, the highest fraction of α-helices and β-sheets was observed in whole milk (59.5% and 33.3%, respectively). The results obtained using Raman spectroscopy were compared with those obtained by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The Raman-based optical detection system represents a useful alternative for the determination of protein secondary structure in dairy products.Q:

Where in TFS is the Team Foundation Service metadata stored?

We have a new web application (v4.0) that we are in the process of updating. The application is currently on a TFS 2008 server.
What I want to do is migrate our source code from TFS into this new server.
Can I just copy the mssql database and the associated files to the new server?


The Team Foundation Server that you have on your development machine (2008) is a stand-alone instance that contains no actual data. Instead, it just runs the Team Foundation Service application. This is important for a few reasons, one being the fact that you can run multiple instances of the Team Foundation Server in the same environment.
So, it really is not a good idea to copy the database and associated files because you will not be able to run this new instance as the Team Foundation Server instance on your new server.

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Category:Audio software synthesizers
Category:Steinberg Media Technologies productsQ:

EF7 change table names

Is it possible to change the table name in an existing context.
I tried this so far:
var builder = new DbContextOptionsBuilder();

DbContextOptions options = builder.Options;

this.context1 = new DbContext(options);

SqlConnection sqlCon = new SqlConnection(options.ProviderName);



but I’m getting the exception:

An unhandled exception of type ‘Microsoft.Data.SqlClient.SqlException’
occurred in EntityFramework.SqlServer.dll
Additional information: The given key was not present in the

It’s a fairly simple example, I’m using sql server-entities for my data context. It’s possible that this is a problem with the provider, so I will try this with other providers also.
I was also wondering if this is possible when using the Entity Framework Core


ContextName is not automatically used for SqlServer connection string but if you will use ContextOptions like this
DbContextOptions options = new ContextOptionsBuilder().UseSqlServer(

you can change MyContext to whatever you want.


In Perl regex, how do you match the characters ‘|’ and ‘-‘?

In Perl regex, how do you match the characters ‘|’ and ‘-‘?


The following is just a proof of concept. A better solution is to use the \w metacharacter.
my @words = (‘blez’, ‘bzz’, ‘plo’, ‘zor’,’moose’, ‘doo’, ‘zoo’, ‘bla’);

my $rx = ‘^([a-zA-Z-]{1,}|#{