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Surah Yusuf In Arabic ((BETTER)) Download

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Surah Yusuf In Arabic Download


Sura Yusuf (Prophet Joseph) Arabic and English translation.
Sometimes the name of the prophet Ibrahim is deciphered as “The fury of the lion.” Jewish interpreters found ominous words and lines in the Qur’an, such as: “Therefore, if I had willed and had been addressed, I would have taught them the Law of God.”
Translation from the book “Ecclesis and the Epistles of the Holy Apostles”.
“Why do you call it a deceit?…” (Sura 6, 21).
Koranic verse translated by our compatriot VL Lopukhin.
“May God appear to you, who will make your hand strong and your tongue clean.”
(Holy Quran, 17:103).
“When you (inwardly) admonish people, do not run away from them with pretense; but if you flee from them, they will (surely) turn to their God; no, go back and turn them to God.”
(Sura 5, 20).
Edition of The Watchtower.
Maslau’s commentary on the translation.
Sura 32, About the customers.
Translation from Arabic by our compatriot S. A. Bondarenko.

Translation by S. Loiva