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It looks like a consistent line of $1$ at the top is the header. The data then continues into the middle in groups of $9$ bytes. Then again into the end in groups of $9$ bytes. There is some sort of delimiter set right at the end.
You may want to try running it through a tail -n +2 file.txt | head -1 and see what it gives you. It may give you something more readable that you can parse.
It is possible you can use sed to delete the headers and use tail -n +3 file.txt | sed to read the data.


Zend Framework – using view renderer to return file

I have a simple layout.phtml which contains only an action attribute

and i have a file in a controllers ‘index’ action method called ‘help.html.php’ which i want to render to the layout.phtml
File ‘help.html.php’ looks like this:

Is there a way to make it possible to do the following?
File ‘help.html.php’ returns





I don’t know if this is what you are after, but a quick and dirty way to do this would be:
echo $this->view->render(‘help.html.php’);



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