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Spreadsheet Convert Crack Full Product Key [2022]

Nowadays, Microsoft Excel is not always the go-to solution for users looking for a powerful spreadsheet application, as many other alternatives are available. However, because most of them save files to different formats, a conversion utility can come in very handy.
Spreadsheet Convert is a user-friendly program that enables you to extract the contents of spreadsheets created by multiple specialized applications and export them to a wide range of formats.
Straightforward utility suitable for novices
Thanks to the application’s wizard-based layout, you can go through the entire conversion process by just following a series of simple steps. Brief instructions are offered for each operation, so even inexperienced users should get the hang of things in no time.
However, a manual would still have come in handy, as it could have helped users troubleshoot various issues and understand how file masks can be applied.
Process all your spreadsheets in one quick operation
Spreadsheet Convert is aimed at users who frequently need to process many spreadsheet files at once. When adding new documents, you only need to select the folder they are located in and specify which file formats should be included, but you also have the option of using a wildcard.
Numerous output formats are supported, including XLS, PDF, CSV and XML. When selecting the destination directory, you can also determine if the application should overwrite existing files if they are present.
Lightweight conversion tool that can be deployed without too much effort
Spreadsheet Convert can be used without being installed beforehand, and it does not rely on other software to open spreadsheet files or create new documents. It can be put to use as soon as it is downloaded, which is great news for users who need a quick and easy method of converting files.
Overall, this is a fairly straightforward software utility that offers a solution for users who frequently work with spreadsheets saved to multiple formats and need to perform conversions. It features an intuitive wizard-based interface, but it does not provide any documentation.







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• Cross-platform: available for Windows, macOS and Linux
• Easy to use and allows for batch conversions
• Free to use and doesn’t require any installation
• Password protection

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What’s New In?

Easily convert all your spreadsheets into PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, XML and RTF formats.

Add as many documents as you want, and Spreadsheet Convert will analyze them all.

The application requires no additional programs or tools.

Instructions are offered for each operation.

Manual would come in handy for novices.

Download Spreadsheet Convert.

System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

File Size: 4.05 MB

Platform: Windows and Mac

Once you have downloaded Spreadsheet Convert, please note that you will be asked to extract it to the folder you specified. This utility is listed in the General category of softwares and it is of size 4.05 MB which is approximately 5 KB in average.

Please note that from our website, you will be able to download any other software listed on our site only for evaluation purposes.
The software is listed as freeware as well as shareware and all the software you can find on our site are free for non-commercial purposes. However, if you want to use any of the software for commercial purposes, you have to buy the full version.

System Requirements:

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Hard disk: 4 GB
Video card: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with a display resolution of at least 1920×1080
Storage device: USB 3.0 compatible, 16GB minimum
DirectX: Version 11
Sound card:
Screen resolution: 1280×800
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