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SP-555 Wave Converter Torrent Download X64 (April-2022)

SP-555 Wave Converter converts SP-555 Wave data format data from one format to another.
You can convert AIFF (Apple) format wave files to WAV (Windows) or MP3 (MIDI) files with SP-555 Wave Converter.
You can also convert WAV (Windows) and MP3 (MIDI) files to SP-555 Wave format.
With SP-555 Wave Converter, you can convert large AIFF, WAV and MP3 files.
When converting WAV files, you can specify how fast the conversion process should proceed.
You can also change the volume of the wave file during the conversion.
You can easily specify the output file path with SP-555 Wave Converter.
With SP-555 Wave Converter, you can convert any type of sound file you want.
SP-555 Wave Converter was created for users who have a limited number of sound samples.

SP-555 Wave Converter Screenshots:

SP-555 Wave Converter features:

Convert WAV and AIFF files between formats

Set the volume and speed of the converted wave files

Convert WAV and MP3 files between formats

Specify the output file path

Specify the output file name

Specify the output file path and output file name

Easy to use

With these features, SP-555 Wave Converter is the right converter software for you.
Download SP-555 Wave Converter and try it for free.For media enquiries, please contact the Communications Department


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SP-555 Wave Converter Crack + Keygen Full Version Free [Win/Mac]


SP-555 Wave Converter

SP-555 Wave Converter is designed to be a small and simple program, designed with just enough features to perform the conversion.
When you want to convert, you can just insert your desired memory card or memory card reader into your SP-555 Wave Converter, and then you can convert the samples you have stored in your memory card.
SP-555 Wave Converter is not a standalone application, you must already have a functioning SP-555 and a sound card with inputs / outputs for your SP-555 to connect to.

There are two types of output formats in SP-555 Wave Converter:

Convert samples from SP-555 Wave Converter in WAV format
Convert samples from SP-555 Wave Converter in AIFF format

Convert samples from SP-555 Wave Converter in WAV format:

The WAV format is the most common audio format and the easiest to perform the conversion.
You can convert your WAV files to MP3 and OGG formats using free MP3 or OGG Converters, the WAV files are converted automatically.

Convert samples from SP-555 Wave Converter in AIFF format:

The AIFF format is the most suitable for those who want the files to be compressed.
You can convert your AIFF files to MP3 and OGG formats using free MP3 or OGG Converters.

SP-555 Wave Converter also has a built-in equalizer for adjusting volume and sound effect.
Adjustments include:

Volume: you can adjust the volume of the converted files.
Sound effect: you can adjust the sound effect of the files.

If you need to convert sample files in order to enjoy the audio effect, adjusting the volume and sound effect can help you to enjoy your converted files.

When converting, you can adjust the speed of the conversion for more realistic sound effects.

When you install SP-555 Wave Converter, you can choose the source of the samples to be converted and set the destination folder where the converted files are stored.

You can choose the sound effect of the files before conversion.
The choice is:

None: No sound effect
Spectrum: The original sound effect
Velocity: The original sound effect with speed

After conversion, you can choose the sound effect to save your converted files.
The choices are:

None: No sound effect
Spectrum: The

What’s New In SP-555 Wave Converter?

SP-555 Wave Converter is a very easy-to-use free utility.

The program can be used to convert between the WAV and AIFF / W64 and AIFF / SP-555 formats. It does not require any parameters.

Please note that SP-555 Wave Converter is available in either English or French version. The applications are displayed in different languages depending on your system setting.

Main Features:

Doubly Bi-directional : the output file can be in WAV / AIFF / W64 and AIFF / SP-555 formats.

Multiple waveform formats : you can load multiple waveform formats such as SP-555, SP-14, SP-15, SP-29, SP-34, SP-35, SP-36, SP-37, SP-38, SP-51, SP-52, SP-53, SP-54, SP-62, SP-65, SP-66, SP-67, SP-68, SP-71, SP-72, SP-73, SP-74, SP-75, SP-76, SP-77, SP-78, SP-79, SP-82, SP-83, SP-84, SP-85, SP-86, SP-87, SP-88, SP-89, SP-90, SP-91, SP-92, SP-93, SP-94, SP-95, SP-96, SP-97, SP-98, SP-99, SP-100, SP-101, SP-102, SP-103, SP-104, SP-105, SP-106, SP-107, SP-108, SP-109, SP-110, SP-111, SP-112, SP-113, SP-114, SP-115, SP-116, SP-117, SP-118, SP-119, SP-120, SP-121, SP-122, SP-123, SP-124, SP-125, SP-126, SP-127, SP-128, SP-129, SP-130, SP-131, SP-132, SP-133, SP-134, SP-135, SP-136, SP-137, SP-138, SP-139, SP-140, SP-141, SP-142, SP-143, SP-144, SP-145, SP-146, SP-147, SP-148, SP-149, SP-150, SP-151, SP-152, SP-153, SP-154, SP-155, SP-156, SP-157, SP-158, SP-159, SP-160, SP-161, SP-162, SP-163, SP-164, SP-165, SP-166, SP-167, SP-168,

System Requirements For SP-555 Wave Converter:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk Space: 2.5 GB
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad or faster
Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Graphics: DirectX 10-cap