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These applications are all free for personal usage and non commercial purpose. But if you want to use these applications for your business, then you must upgrade to the more advanced license.
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# Copyright (c) Jupyter Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.

JupyterNotebook layer for displaying a Notebook in a Jupyter Application.

“JupyterNotebook“ instance has a single attribute.


Contains the .notebook object.

from base64 import urlsafe_b64encode
import json
from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, Union, Tuple

import ipykernel
from jupyterlab.config import HTTP_ENVIRONMENT
from jupyterlab.docstring import BaseDocstring

class Notebook(BaseDocstring):
The “JupyterNotebook“ is the JavaScript object that contains and
renders the content and metadata of a Jupyter Notebook.

The notebook is a `JupyterLab Configuration`_, that is, the notebook
data is stored in a `JupyterLab configuration directory`_. The
configuration directory is like any other JupyterLab configuration,
and is located in the home directory.

.. _JupyterLab Configuration:
.. _JupyterLab configuration directory:

# pylint: disable=no-member,protected-access,variable-not-assigned,too-many-public-methods
defaults = {
‘# Jupyter Notebook configuration properties.’: {},


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