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It’s a nice alternative to other similar software solutions.

Windows software solutions that do more than just organize your files

MFC provides a library of classes that can be used for both file organization as well as automation. One of its powerful features is called Deep Scan, which is a reliable folder search engine with tools to create and modify Windows file directory masks. MFC offers three ways to search in files and folders: One-pass, by default time indexed, by default by size indexed cde4edac5b

First aim is to find, or create, all the tables of your project by a simple use of the SQLite table/column naming tools. Second, you can access the data from the tables and make queries over the data. As you might guess, the tool also records all the differences between the original files and their database representation.
The tool and manual is written in C# and runs fine on Windows, Mac and Linux.
You can download this assembly here.

SQLite is