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Scripts Encoder (ScrEnc) Free Download For PC Latest

Script Encryptor is a software application that helps you in scrambling your HTML, JavaScript, C or C++ code with ease, as well as in reverting the process with ease.
Clear-cut environment
The interface is quite simple and well-organized, as it encloses a menu bar, several buttons and two side-by-side panes in which you can view the original and obfuscated version of the processed file with ease.
In addition to that, video tutorials and an online manual are provided by the developers, so that both beginners and versed individuals can learn how to handle Script Encryptor, in an efficient manner.
File formats you can use and tweak some of the settings
This utility enables you to upload multiple types of files, including JS, TXT, VBS, C, CPP, HTML, ASA and HTM, and of course it supports all the corresponding script or programming language. The scrambling or organizing (de-scrambling) process can be started with just a click of the button and does not last longer than a few moments.
You are required to choose the type of code you use, while it is also possible for you to tweak several parameters pertaining to them, such as escaping tags, quotes, code and text, encoding script, randomly scramble items, and add semicolons or remove them.
Change file encoding and look for a specific item
File encoding and code page can be adjusted with the help of some drop-down menus, while you can also print the contents of the before or after panels.
Last but not least, you can undo or redo actions, cut, copy, paste and delete elements, use a search function and strip the uploaded documents of all formatting.
A final evaluation
To wrap it up, Script Encryptor is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to obfuscating your code, so that you can protect it from people who might want to use it without tour approval. The computer’s performance is not going to be burdened at all, tasks are completed in a timely manner and the interface is suitable to all types of users.


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ScrEnc is a smart tool that helps you scramble and obfuscate scripts with ease. It also helps you revert the changes with ease. It supports.NET, VBS, C#, HTML, ASP, JScript, C, C++, PHP and others.
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php multidimensional array associative foreach

I have the following array which works fine.
$a = array(
‘target_id’ => 553,
‘ca_id’ => ‘1’,
‘post_id’ => ‘1’,
‘admin_ok’ => ‘0’

If I do a foreach on it I get the following result
foreach($a as $key => $value){
echo $key. “->”. $value;


In the text field I need to wrap each key in the square brackets in order to be able to use it in an ajax call later.
Does anyone know how to achieve this output?


You can store a reference to the array in a variable, output the data using var_dump, and then finally access the keys using the reference:
$a = array(
‘target_id’ => 553,
‘ca_id’ => ‘1’,
‘post_id’ => ‘1’,
‘admin_ok’ => ‘0’

Scripts Encoder (ScrEnc) Crack + Activation Code With Keygen

Scripts Encoder is an easy-to-use and powerful web application that can encrypt files or folders. This software performs a simple obfuscation on your scripts in order to protect them from unauthorized use or piracy. It is also possible to get the encryption keys from a file that contains them, thus allowing the users of your scripts to decrypt them. The obfuscation process has a new and innovative approach and re-encodes your scripts in a random and different way. It can encrypt folders and files, but it is also possible to manually select the files you want to protect. Scripts Encoder Crack includes a final report with the time needed to re-encode your scripts and the encryption keys. Additionally, it provides instructions for modifying your scripts.

Encode and Decode files.
Encrypt and Decrypt folders and files.
Generate a random password for your scripts.
Obfuscation and de-obfuscation of Javascript, VBS, C, CPP, C#, C++, and HTML.
Obfuscation and de-obfuscation of JAVA, HTML, C, VBS, ASM, CPP, VB, C, and JAVA.
Customization of Script Encryptor.
The complexity of your obfuscation process.
Drag’n’drop to your scripts.
Shell integration.
Installing of the Script Encryptor Windows application.
What’s new in Script Encryptor

Wrong size of the single audio file.
Additional setting for the custom files.
The audio files are playing with some delay after reloading the application.


Windows 7/8/8.1/10/10.1

300MB free Disk Space

My comments:
I have not yet fully gotten a test of this program that it is free from viruses or other infections and has no downtime. For what it is worth, it could be a good tool to obfuscate Script files. However, I cannot vouch for it otherwise. It is listed as a Cracked/Unsupported Software on Softonic. This means that it is not free of infection. I recommend that you research the program a bit and keep your defenses up.

I have not yet fully gotten a test of this program that it is free from viruses or other infections and has no downtime. For what it

Scripts Encoder (ScrEnc)

Scripts Encoder is a useful and easy-to-use tool that enables you to quickly and effectively protect your scripts from prying eyes. Encrypt your scripts at the server end or locally before sending to your customers. Then publish them on the site.
-Local – Encrypt scripts for local use.
-Server – Encrypt scripts and save them to a text file to be later published on your web server.
-Online – Encrypt your scripts and publish them on your web site.
-Protect scripts from Phishing Attacks – Attackers trick users by sending a message that looks like a web page sent from your company. You can block the message and protect your scripts from being copied or altered.
-Detect Remote Scripts – Web browsers typically send some information about any web page a user loads to a web server before it can be displayed. You can use Script Encoder to detect the presence of scripts on a page.
-Detect programs on the same page – Typically, web browsers display instructions about how to run JavaScript programs. You can use Script Encoder to detect the presence of JavaScript programs on a page.
-Detect JavaScript execution – If you do not want users to tamper with your scripts, you can detect when scripts are being executed.
-Detect active X controls – Active X controls are a common way to run programs on your web pages. You can detect when these controls are active.
-Protect your scripts from being copied or altered – You can use the Script Encoder settings to protect your scripts from being copied or altered.
-Detect scripts – Each script can be detected automatically. If Script Encoder detects a script, it will report the script and its contents.
-XML Scramble – Use the XML Scramble feature to scramble your script into one large file that is too big for anyone to read or tamper with.
-HTML Sink – View all source code in one large file before changing it.
-Transparent ZIP – Add a password when you ZIP the files. Then upload the file with the password to the server.
-Dynamic Encryption – Change the encryption key whenever Script Encoder is invoked.
-Plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox – Add the script to the Local Scripts Menu or the Scripts menu of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Scripts Encoder (ScrEnc) Licence:
Scripts Encoder is the problem-solving technology that empowers Microsoft to protect your scripts

What’s New In Scripts Encoder (ScrEnc)?

This program is used to encrypt the JavaScript, ASP, VBScript, JScript, C and C++ Code. It encrypts code files by using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This program is a standalone program, and does not require a framework. It comes with a simple user interface and allows you to encrypt/decrypt JavaScript, C, C++ and ASP files. This software suite comes with all the standards, required files, and documentation. It is included in its free version, there are just a few very useful features in it. Encryption can be performed on single files or directories. The program utilizes AES 256 with HMAC-SHA-1 to encrypt file contents.

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System Requirements:

Steam CD-KEY for use with the Greenlight Steam Launcher or the free Steam Play system.
Rated M for Mature.
I am in no way responsible for any damage done to your computer.
An important note: This is beta-quality, and as such, expect a lot of problems, crashes, and generally not working features.
For the majority of people, the minimum requirements are:
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core2 Duo (P8600 or higher)
Video: GeForce 8800 or Radeon HD