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RoboFolder 9.91 Crack+ License Keygen Free Download For PC [Updated] 2022

“I first noticed your software when it was reviewed on CNET. In fact, it was one of the reasons I initially sought a photo program. Then, I used it for the first time about a year ago and just thought, yeah, this is something I can use – it’s really easy to use, it gives you maximum control, it’s not hard to use, and it does the jobs that I need it to do. It’s a nice addition to your photo management capabilities” – CNET Review

“I bought RoboFolder Torrent Downloads to work with my bunch of photos that I forgot about. It has proved to be an all-round the one-stop solution for managing my photo library. And it is as simple as it can get. Most of my tasks are done in a flash. I just have to browse through the folders that I want to rename and then click the rename button. So it is as it should be, simple to use and robust. It is great to have my albums organized, I can even organize sub-albums – I can go as deep as I want.” – Online Software Reviews

“I love RoboFolder Torrent Downloads. It is super easy to use and most of the features are what I need to use with my photos. I can rename individual photos or folders, set the copyright and keywords, organize photos in directories and even create thumbnails. I am really impressed with it, it works better than most photo organizing programs I have used. ” – Gadget Review

“I liked the ease of use and simplicity of operation. For some of the more complex things I do in PhotoFolders the program is very quick, intuitive and works perfectly. The only thing I could say that would make it better would be to list the album names and subfolders so you could see the tree in the right column and the list in the left column. It doesn’t bother me too much though. It is so easy to use and fast, nothing’s too much trouble. There are a lot of features and options that enable me to put together photo albums very quickly and efficiently, and it’s free. I highly recommend it” – pcworld

“This is by far the best photo tool I’ve found for renaming and organizing my photo library. The program’s intuitive interface is easy to use. You can rename photo libraries in bulk or individually. Or you can rename only a selected list of folders or files. You can assign copyright, title, caption, by-

RoboFolder 9.91 Serial Key PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

Used by a wide range of professional photographers, Web designers and professional photo labs, RoboFolder Cracked Version is a very powerful photo tool with many advanced features that can easily enhance your workflow.
RoboFolder Features:
– Simple Drag and Drop Operation. Rename and Move folders, subfolders and individual images in one step!
– Rename images and move them from one folder to another with a few clicks.
– Edit and change image metadata including copyright, title, description, date and location.
– Create custom images with a click of a button.
– Upload images to online albums directly from RoboFolder.
– Easily organize your photos with the help of an advanced tree view.
– Add custom media (like text or logo) to your images with just a few clicks.
– Add custom data to image captions.
– Basic resize, crop and rotate features.
– Use RoboFolder with the RoboStore.
– Many more!

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RoboFolder 9.91

– Rename/ move/ move to a specific folder
– Change all images size,
– Change all images quality,
– Edit metadata (encoder, date time),
– Rename or move batch of photos
– Change folders content (copyright date, description, embedded contact info,…).
What’s new in this version:
– Bug fixes
2.2.0 – 24/07/2017
– New: move photos to a different folder.
– New: change photos quality
– New: batch rename files with a single click
– New: change metadata (i.e. exif, exiftag, etc.)
– New: change photo size (i.e. resize, downsize, upsize)
– New: batch rename files
– New: set image time (i.e. set folder content)
– New: change folder name
– New: change folder content
You need at least Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit.
Customer reviews:
– This is an excellent tool. Great work! Works on all windows versions. I use it to synchronize all my pictures with my phone, it’s easy and super fast. This is especially nice when you need to delete a bunch of old pictures but you don’t want to waste time typing in the directory.
– This is a real joy to use. When I want to remove all files in a folder, and I want it to happen instantly without me having to tell RoboFolder to do it, this is the tool for the job. I use it on my media videos, deleting any old files, or to clean up tons of files on my hard drive with a few clicks, and done!
– If you have any professional grade movies or photos on your PC, or you just want them cleaned up and organized, this is the application for you. It’s intuitive, fast, and easy to use. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for managing your files.

This is a great little utility. Set it to run regularly and place your chosen output folder in the /windows/system32 directory (so just like Windows Explorer it will be immediately visible on your desktop). Then have fun. If you want, you can also add it to your Start Menu/Startup.

You can specify which folder to apply to all you want, and you can also opt to exclude specific subfolders from the process. It works

What’s New in the RoboFolder?

Rename large collection of images
For a small fee, you can enjoy the power to use RoboFolder to rename large collection of images, recursively. Renaming photographs can be a tedious and time-consuming exercise. RoboFolder is a software tool which is used to rename large collection of images with ease. It helps you to extract the thumbnail from each image in batch mode. You can rename each image recursively. You can cut off and keep part of the filename. Upload your image folder to the cloud service by FTP or by giving a URL. Use this feature to rename a large batch of images in batches. RoboFolder is multi-language plug-in based tool which is good for renaming a large collection of images. You can sort the list in alphabetical, by year, by size, etc. To-do list is a special function which helps you to access the images in a particular group. This software developed by Markus.

Rename large collection of images

If you are running out of disk space, you can easily compress a large number of images and save hundreds of gigabytes of disk space. RoboFolder has a special software designed to compress large numbers of images in one go.

Rename a large collection of images

RoboFolder for Mac Reviews

Image Magic Pro 13 Best Mac Photo Editor Software

Image Magic Pro has a clean user interface that is easy to navigate and has a set of basic image editing tools. It is a Mac app developed by EP.

Image Magic Pro, the Windows version of EP’s Image Magic software, is a nice alternative to Photoshop when working with RAW images. Although Image Magic Pro has fewer features and is not as powerful as Photoshop, the software is optimized for Mac users and has a similar interface.

Image Magic Pro is a professional photo editing tool that allows you to edit RAW images. The application is for Mac users only and you can unlock the full functionality of the tool by paying the standard price. Image Magic Pro was developed by EP.

Image Magic Pro has a clean user interface that is easy to navigate and has a set of basic image editing tools. The application includes the most commonly used RAW image editing tools like cropping, red-eye removal, histogram equalization, and sharpening.

Like other software developed by EP, Image Magic Pro for Mac is intuitive and easy to use. This is a powerful RAW image editor for Mac users. Image Magic Pro has a clean

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6 or later
CPU: 1.4 GHz
500 MB free disk space
Microsoft Windows XP
800 MB disk space
System Requirements:
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