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There are many quotes throughout history that can be useful to know and they can be a powerful education tool, however, learning them can be difficult, as well just remembering them. QuoteCoach is a tool that allows users to store any quotes they find interesting from whatever source, then test themselves on their own knowledge of those quotes.
An awkward interface that is based more around the test feature than the quote storage
Unfortunately, the layout for QuoteCoach is a bit unusual in that it doesn't allow the easy browsing of any quotes stored in the program. Users are presented with a series of options in a small window, with four buttons listed that are; Start, Add new quotes, Edit quotes, Delete quotes. A simple text area included in the window that always displayed the quotes would be a major improvement.
The quiz feature, while interesting, should play a secondary role to the actual value the program provides as quote library. Being able to view the quotes easily and browse them often would also help users memorize them or learn them quickly.
The application lacks detail when it comes to storing quotes, with additional, obvious text fields absent
When users add a new quote to QuoteCoach, it displays a single, large text field that users can write whatever they want to the program. One large text field comes off as inefficient and the application could easily include several different fields, for instance, QuoteCoach could include an area to write the author of the quote.
While the author could be included with the actual quote, it means the program lacks an organizing feature. If QuoteCoach included a specific area for the author, the list of quotes could also be organized via the authors so users could add more detail to their own quote library. It is that kind of detail that hampers the usefulness of QuoteCoach and prevents it from being overly useful.
An interesting idea that is poorly executed and places emphasis on the wrong areas
QuoteCoach seems to be confused about what it wants to users to do with it, instead of providing a detailed and comprehensive quote library, it instead focuses on a very basic quiz system. The library aspect is what should take precedent and sadly, it is extremely lacking in detail, depth and presentation. In conclusion, QuoteCoach falls short in a lot of areas and provides only a limited use to those interested in improving their quote knowledge.







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QuoteCoach Product Key is a free application that allows users to store quotes they find interesting from any source. Users can then use the application to test their knowledge on their own favorite quotes. The application allows you to import and export quotes.

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QuoteCoach is a free application that allows users to store quotes they find interesting from any source. Users can then use the application to test their knowledge on their own favorite quotes. The application allows you to import and export quotes.

The application comes with a number of pre-installed quotes, and users can select them when they want to quiz themselves. There are also a couple of advanced features included, like importing and exporting quotes.
There are no limitations to the number of quotes users can have in their library. Users can also search for and add quotes from any place, including sites like Twitter, and they are given the option to only show those quotes that are of their favorites.
There is a question and answer section included as well, which gives users a quiz-like experience. The application lets users test themselves in their knowledge of the quotes they find interesting.

QuoteCoach is a free application that allows users to store quotes they find interesting from any source. Users can then use the application to test their knowledge on their own favorite quotes. The application allows you to import and export quotes.

A simple interface that allows users to view all quotes the application has stored
The simple interface of QuoteCoach makes it easy to use and understand. Clicking on an option in the list of options on the left brings up a new window. In this window users are given a list of options on the left and a text box on the right. Below the options a list of all the quotes users have added to the library is displayed and below that is a list of all the options.
The list of quotes is useful for the most part and users can sort them alphabetically, via date added or by favorite. However, users have no way to see what other users have added to the library. The application would be more useful if it displayed the names of other users in the list of quotes, but that is a small compromise to make in order to keep the interface simple and easy to use.
The application also lacks a way to add additional information to any quotes users add to the library. For instance, if users wanted to add the name of the author of any quote,

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KEYMACRO is a simple tool for taking notes using a unique keyboard layout. Its goal is to enable users to take notes at a higher speed and with less errors than with traditional keyboard methods, with the idea being that more time can be spent on actually thinking about the issue at hand. The idea behind KEYMACRO is pretty simple: A user enters information on the computer using a standard keyboard; Once they have entered that information, they begin typing using another keyboard layout.
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There is no way to input information without utilizing the keyboard. This is the only way to enter information into the program and it is a problem. While the idea is good, the execution is poor, with the limitation of using the keyboard only as the input method.
A simple but confusing interface that does not help it users very much
KEYMACRO is incredibly simple and does an amazing job in trying to minimize the time it takes to take notes. Users are presented with a keyboard layout, a keyboard and a few options for entering notes.
Its ability to take notes is remarkable as it allows users to do so at a very high speed, with little to no errors. Unlike typical methods, KEYMACRO tries to take notes with the users attention instead of forcing them to create the notes and then edit them after.
The interface is great and provides users with a friendly, yet friendly interface that also encourages them to take notes quickly. The only downside is that users cannot take notes without using the keyboard layout. A choice would be to allow users to type with the keyboard, which can be done by using the traditional keyboard, but then the program would be even slower than it already is.

QuoteCoach Free [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

QuoteCoach allows users to create a quote database from a text file or URL. Users can view quotes, add quotes, edit quotes, delete quotes, or test themselves on their own knowledge of quotes. In addition, users can add an optional author field to each quote.


– Create a quote database from a text file or URL
– View quotes
– Add quotes
– Edit quotes
– Delete quotes
– Test yourself on your own knowledge of quotes


– Some text file conversion options are available from QuoteCoach
– A command line argument is used to specify a file to convert
– The program defaults to the title of the file if an argument is not provided

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QuoteCoach is a simple tool that allows users to practice finding quotes that they find interesting, without having to memorize them. It allows users to view as well as collect quotes from any source they can find. However, users must learn to master this tool because of the poor interface that is provided. This tool is only useful as a first step to becoming a quote collector.
9/11 Quotes
COPYRIGHT 2007 Joshua H. Wood
This book, including the organization of this book and the HTML and visual coding is copyright by Joshua H. Wood and may not be reproduced without express permission.
An absurdist, modern look is given to any and all things included, presenting an overly difficult and tiring experience
The book has an absurdist, modern look to it, with almost every quote having a hideous look and font that is difficult to read. Since it is so difficult to read, many quotes are difficult to understand and it is not very useful for its intended purpose. One quote is listed in the middle of the book, above the quote in the top right corner, with a picture of a man hugging a woman. This is clearly an exclamation and it is very difficult to understand the quote. Another quote is included with the same look and design and it is also difficult to read and comprehend.
Many quotes are not even that meaningful, so what good is it when the quotes are almost useless?
The quotes are also presented in a highly disorganized manner. The actual “quotes” that are listed are only the first and last lines of the quotes, they do not represent the full quote.


A little too user friendly for my tastes. I am not a user of quote coach, but I can see how it could help a person learn about quotes they want to memorize, or at least understand the concept of memorizing them. I guess that is what it is intended to do.

You have to love irony. This is an obtuse way to “collect” quotes. And I could not help but notice how poorly the quotes are listed, making it difficult to skim through them. I say this as a person who uses the “old-fashioned” method to collect quotes.

This tool suffers from the same problems that most browsers and other internet tools suffer from. Users tend to lack the time to learn how to use them, or to properly use them. Which is ironic since they generally are designed to make life easier. The users don’t bother learning how to use quote coach because they don’t care, or don’t have the time. I agree with the last reviewer that it is a first step. The real purpose is the next step, which is for the user to store their own quotes.

I agree that this is a nice basic example of a tool for managing quotes. However I would not refer to it as a tool. It is a collection of quotations.

System Requirements For QuoteCoach:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Dual core CPU with AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
Memory: 2GB of RAM
Graphics: Ati Radeon HD 6470
Hard drive space: 150GB of space
Input Devices: Keyboard
Processor: Quad core CPU with AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Memory: 4GB of RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970