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Sahabhaav is a premium facility for senior citizens located within the heart of the city. It fulfils a pressing need – providing comfort and care to retired citizens and ailing parents – in a society where nuclear families, increasing life spans and smaller houses are creating new challenges. Sahabhaav aims to be a home away from home for them, offering superior facilities and quality care to ensure they enjoy a dignified life amongst their peers.

At Sahabhaav, we go the extra mile in taking care of those living with us. The modern ambience of the facility with clean, well-ventilated air-conditioned rooms coupled with modern appliances that make life simpler and more enjoyable and the personalised care of highly-trained staff dealing with a limited number of residents, place it a level above most other facilities for care for the elderly.

An additional advantage is the location: in the very heart of the city! Commuting between here and any other part of the city is easy, with multiple access options using either private or public transport (metro/highway/local train) too.