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With so many pictures being shared nowadays, it's only natural for everyone to have more and more photos on their drives. Everything is fine until there's that one image you're looking for, but can't find. Luckily, software to help users organize and alter their photos is available — all it takes is to look for it.
If you were looking for such a tool, Photo Supreme has got you covered. Through it, users can categorize their images and structure them in catalogs and folders, while also being able to adjust their look and modify their metadata.
Import your collection
The installation process is smooth and worry-free, and upon starting the app, you'll be asked to import your photos. Importing them to the app will help you have a one-stop-shop for your images, where finding what you need only takes a keyword search.
Organizing gets easier when you have everything in the interface. Clicking an image allows users to label it, as well as change its metadata. Through Labels, users can tag their photos to find them easier: you can introduce your own tags, but the app also has an AI feature that uses Google to detect labels.
Image metadata editing is also possible, and users can either modify the pre-existing data or introduce information about their photos manually.
Editing: one-by-one, or in batch
Through the Adjust menu, users can edit their photos in many ways. Whether it is cropping, flipping, straightening, or adding captions or frames, the Canvas menu offers plenty of ways to modify the proportions of your images. Through the Filters menu, users can further adjust that look by altering the shot's luminance, colors, tone curves, and more.
In addition, the program also offers a Batch editing/modifying feature. Select your images, click to create a new batch, and select the items you would like to adjust from the dropdown menu. There's no shortage of options: change metadata, add filters, introduce effects and other such adjustments, and more.
Photo Supreme is quite the complete package. Whether it is editing or organizing images, the app will handle it without fault.







Photo Supreme 4589 Serial Key Free For Windows [Updated-2022]

Photos are priceless. And in today’s world, keeping your collection and memories safe is challenging. For this reason, there are many users who have stored their photos in online services, which is fine, but it doesn’t give you the full picture.
By using this app, you will not only be able to organize your photos into various categories, but also organize them one by one in a variety of ways. All in all, this is a great tool that you can rely on.

Here is what’s new in this version:
• Hide album art on Android 6.0 and up.
• Pull to refresh (swipe up to refresh a section of the feed).
• Pop-up menu for handling photos (use the pop-up menu to delete, archive,
and share your photos).
• More social integration.
• A flat design interface.
• A backup tool that backs up files in a Mac folder structure.
• The app is optimized for all Android versions (with high-quality
• The app’s content is on https (to improve the app’s security).
• The default “back to desktop” command now works with both
“Pinch to zoom” and “two-finger drag” gestures.
• Support for Android TV and Android Wear.
• Support for Android Auto and Bluetooth audio playback.

How to add a comment to a Photo:
1. Tap the photo you want to comment on.
2. Tap the [ ] icon on the lower right corner of the photo.
3. Tap the Add a comment icon or tap ‘Add a comment’ on the bottom.

If the Add a comment icon is not available, Tap on the following icon:
Note: If you are a registered user,you will be prompted to
verify your email address.


1. Unlock your phone
2. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Security
3. Select the ‘Unknown Sources’ option
4. Check the box next to the entry in the list labeled ‘Apps from unknown sources’
5. Tap OK
6. You are now ready to install the application.

App Details:

Category: Social

Publisher: Bascom Technologies

Price: Free

Version: 1.1.16

File size: 12.41 MB

Android: 5.1 and up

Requires Android: 2.3 and up

Photo Supreme 4589 Crack + Product Key Download PC/Windows

Photo Supreme Free Download is a powerful image organizer, with the ability to categorize your images and make them easier to find. You’ll be able to browse and find your images through their tags, labels, and AI-powered results.
Photo Supreme Serial Key Key Features:
– Organize your images with AI, labels, and keywords.
– Categorize your images by adding, editing, or removing metadata.
– Adjust photos using filters, brightness, color, and more.
– Create, edit, or remove metadata.
– Transform your images with the 3D editor.
– Quickly locate your photos through auto-complete
– Sync to Dropbox, Google Photos, and OneDrive.
– Adjust/modify images with the tools featured in the Editor.
– Background mode and manual image selection options.
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Photo Supreme Cracked 2022 Latest Version Size:
7.2 MB
Photo Supreme App Web Site:

Photo Supreme is a simple and easy to use tool that brings users the best photo management tools for people who own a lot of images.
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Photo Supreme Required Android Version:
4.0 and Up
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Photo Supreme 4589 Free License Key

Photo Supreme is an easy-to-use application that comes packed with a complete set of tools to create, organize and manage your pictures. Take your pictures, organize them in folders, label them, and make them look awesome by editing their metadata. With Photo Supreme you’ll be able to do everything you need for your photos within just a few clicks.
Key Features:
– Organize and edit your photos on your computer
– Easily access to all your images
– Very easy to use
– Capable of organizing and searching for your images
– Edit metadata of your images
– Backup your images and restore from previous backups
– Clean installation with uninstaller
– Full screen experience
– Fully supported with free updates
– Highly optimized
– One-click photo editor
– Search for the photo you’re looking for
– Share your edited photos with other apps
– Many options when editing

Photo Supreme is an app designed to import the pictures you are taking and organize them in folders, including albums, by date, by location and by using keywords. With it, you can organize your photos in a user friendly interface, while being able to edit their metadata and alter their style.
Photo Supreme is a free application for Windows that provides a clean and simple way to organize and edit your pictures.Photo Supreme also brings a number of creative features that will help you enhance your shots, including photo filters, frames and captions.
Enjoy the app and let us know what you think.

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Photo Supreme is an easy to use application with a number of creative features that will help you modify your pictures. More importantly, by using the app, you can get online your pictures directly and now you can get your prints online.

Photo Supreme Description

Photo Supreme is an easy to use application with a number of creative features that will help you modify your pictures. More importantly, by using the app, you can get online your pictures directly and now you can get your prints online.

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What’s New in the?

Photo Supreme is a powerful Photoshop alternative that allows you to organize, edit, crop, annotate and alter your photos in a whole bunch of different ways.
It’s super easy to use, and automatically finds your photos in your library based on your keywords and tags.
When you import your photos, you can edit their colors and tone curves, change their tags and also modify their metadata.
You can also use the built-in Filters and Adjust tools to change and organize your images.
Select your photos, turn on batch editing, and select the tools you want to apply to the entire selection.
You can also manually add new metadata, title, description, keywords and tags to your photos.
If you use Photoshop, this will be very familiar.
Photo Supreme in its own right is a very useful tool to organize and edit your images.

External links
Official website
Photo Supreme at Google Play Store
Photo Supreme at Mac App Store
Photo Supreme at iTunes Store

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