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Ah, Halloween pie!
Cats and dogs take a bite!
Random elements so game is different every time you play.
Halloween pie is a 2D side-scrolling platforming game with a Halloween flavour.
Help the witch to rescue her precious pumpkin seeds from the hungry animals!
Use an extendable whip and jump to pass the obstacles along your way!
Collect all of the pumpkins for the witch and be the first to make it out of the barn!
Halloween pie is a platform game in which you play as a witch in search of pumpkin seeds to save her life.
To overcome her enemies on her way through the town she will use her extendable whip to defend herself.
If the animals devour her pumpkins she will lose a life.
Who is the better witch…
Cats or Dogs?
– 2D, side-scrolling platforming
– A short, but very fun game.
– Random elements.
– Fun Halloween flavour.
– Unique art style.
– 45 levels.
– Play as a witch and save her precious pumpkin seeds.
– Use your whip as a defence.
– Control the witch with the analog stick or A button.
– Play as both cats and dogs.
– The animals devour your pumpkins.
– The cat has a hungry belly and the dog has a drooly tongue.
– Collect all of the pumpkins for the witch.
– Easy to learn.
– Fun to master.
– To be the first to finish the game!
Gameplay Controls:
– Use the left analog stick to move your witch in the game.
– Use the right analog stick to jump and the up button to use the witch’s whip.
– Q to use a key to open the witch’s door to the house.
– A to use a key to open the treasure room.
– B to use the witch’s hat to affect your enemy’s belly.
– X or B on the X button to be able to use the witch’s whip again after using the whip.
– S to start a sprint.
– Puzzle_Level01
– Puzzle_Level02
– Puzzle_Level03
– Puzzle_Level04
– Puzzle_Level05
– Puzzle_Level06
– Puzzle_Level07
– Puzzle_Level08
– Puzzle_Level09
– Puzzle_Level10
– Puzzle_Level11


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As the story unfolds, players will slowly dig into the past of the game’s main character, Arianne, in search for her mother’s distant past in an enigmatic toy-theater town. Travel between different rooms, search for various artifacts and objects, and uncover the manipulative plans of the Children’s Lodge and its dangerous leader!
For ages 18+.
Do not add to cart if “Shareware” is highlighted in the product image. This game is not intended for sale and if you add to cart you will be removed from the email list and stopped from receiving updates.
Aria Skies is a turn-based, strategy and tactics game developed by Anan Games and realized with the Unreal engine.
The purpose of Aria Skies is to defend the free world from invasion and domination by the evil DVX Empire. To do this, you will have to gather resources, build air force, and conduct air battles. Join the fight and lead your gladiators to victory!

Customer Reviews



This is a classic HOP game that has a lot of twists. It has some great graphics, a wonderful story and characters, and a great gameplay. The gameplay will take more time to get used to, but after a couple of games, your dexterity will kick in and you will have no problems. Highly recommended for everyone.

Fun game. Had a few issues


The game is cute and has nice graphics, but for some reason I had no experience in this type of game, even though I played plenty of HOP games. I found a lot of items in the puzzles, but in other scenes I found no items and had to spend a lot of time to get my 3 scores up. The game’s difficulty is really hard, so be careful not to get a bad score. It also is short (about 6 hrs) and you can add/subtract 10 min at a time. It took me longer to read the instructions than to play the game. I would recommend this game for people who have played HOPs, but if you are new to the genre, I would suggest another game. I enjoyed the game though and the final score was pretty good.

Cool game!


Great game for kids or adults to play to get into the HOP genre. I learned


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── ※ In order to improve the gameplay experience, this game can be played using the controller or mouse.
── In this game, when you hold the mouse button, you can use your sprint ability to immediately run in that direction.
── This game uses the SteamVR. In order to use SteamVR, please make sure that your SteamVR has been properly installed in your PC.
── In SteamVR settings, you can set the amount of comfort that should be displayed on your screen. You can also adjust the game speed and mouse sensitivity from there.
── In the SteamVR settings, ‘Go fullscreen and hide tool bar’ can be checked. This is useful when using a gamepad.
── In the SteamVR settings, ‘[No animation] can be checked. This is useful when using the controller.
── The game will recognize the grip of the controller.
── However, there are some exceptions. In the case where you hold the controller like this:
Grip Down
, you cannot run.
── If your controller does not move in this way, this is not a problem.
── To enable the functions to operate the controller in the game, you will need to go into the settings.
2. SteamVR Controller:
── In order to play this game, you will need to have a VR system


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of Attraction

I have been thinking about magick recently and about my own definition of that term. Too many people seem to use it interchangeably with fairy-ism which denotes the concept of “protection”, “repelling negative energies” or “karma”. I suppose my concern is that people soon learn to replace “relishing” with something called karma or magic. Take, for instance, the famous, “Think positive thoughts – Receive positive results.” I suppose thatís effortless but in fact almost anyone can do that. Too many believe that if they think positively they will, but itís just that easy to be like, “Donít die thinker! We all have a thought or two that could kill us without our knowing that such thoughts exist. (S)he can always just state, “Donít die ó ha ha ha ha.” I

In the old days in Europe you found villagers with wooden stakes tied to their necks and they were buried to last, perhaps overnight, by decomposition because of magick-curses, but I donít think this practice is still in use although Iím not sure if it could really be considered magick these days.

Iíve been thinking too about how some seemingly powerless people set up their business, community or goal in life and how f some of the ideas here donít really stand up to scrutiny. These people have had successful ideas for themselves that some magical community should pay attention to. I do not dismiss any magick that one might come up with. Perhaps it is merely a chance for us to say, “Well, thereís a non-magical way to do that.” Iím just curious why some of these ideas are popular.

When given a question of “Why do some people enjoy certain foods?”, part of the answer is that we are sold on certain ideas of good eating. Foods are bound to please us in some way.

And then we pass on this knowledge to the next generations and they then teach it to their children and so it goes on and on.

Now whether you subscribe to all of this is up to you. I read somewhere that if everyone went vegetarian we would have so many hungry people that we might all starve. That sounds too absurd to believe.

If you ask “Why do some people hate so and so?”, the answer could be a lot of things and may not have anything to do with magick at all. The offender could be


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The road to the glory of War Thunder is strewn with landmines. The last of the heavy vehicles are getting ready for the final assault, and now the player is presented with a rare chance to try his or her luck on the battlefield. In order to really stress the combat factor, we decided to make a game based purely on ground vehicles. All opponents may be found in the immediate surroundings of the player’s base. Therefore, the fight for victory is much more serious than usual, which brings about a completely new challenge to the drivers. Boasting a great selection of historical vehicles, which are found only rarely in similar games, players should expect many hours of enjoyment when they embark on the campaign of many battles against the deadly opponents.

Frozen Sibenik
Permanent base – available to all paid members
Nice little historical Battle of Falklands.
I will go ahead and list the map, the map name, the aircraft, unit / vehicle and change change changes for the map.
On the night of 2/3 March 1982, the Argentinians, using their navy and a small number of aircraft began a major assault on the island of Falkland.
The campaign was planned in two phases and during the first phase the attack on the airfield in the centre of the island was launched.
During the first phase of the attack, the Argentine air force launched attacks with the C-130 Hercules aircraft. They also employed two British F-4 Phantom jet fighters, two pilots were killed and three were wounded.
The British were successful in launching their own artillery attacks at the enemy positions.
The enemy bomber pilots were also courageous and attacked the British armored positions. All the enemy aircraft were shot down.
While in the center of the island, during the first phase of the operation, both sides almost halted their attacks. The British strategic reserves could only manage to provide artillery cover for their positions.
On the night of 3/4 March 1982, the Argentineans launched another unsuccessful offensive against the British positions on the islands.
After this second failed offensive, the British assembled the armoured, airborne and amphibious forces.
During the second phase, the British launched three serious attacks, while the Argentineans only launched a number of artillery attacks.
British forces launched the third attack. It was slightly less successful than the first two attacks, but the armored units had managed to penetrate the enemy positions.
It was finally decided to launch the real operation – the landing of an amphibious


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