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What does **fn* mean in C?

I was reading a project manual for educational purpose. And I saw a function definition like this:
bool **fn();

In that line, the defintion of fn() says it returns a bool**.
I know that it returns a pointer to a bool pointer.
But why can’t it be written like this:
bool (*fn())() = NULL;


In the C99 standard, section §,

A pointer to an array of N elements of type T is compatible with a pointer to an array of N elements of any other type S, and the elements are interchangeable in expressions that would otherwise have different types.

§ says that arrays decay into pointers, so you have
bool *fn();

The asterisk indicates an array of one element, which is compatible with the pointer to one element, bool *; this is a common idiom.


The function **fn() does not return a pointer to a pointer to a function. It returns a pointer to a pointer to a function. The asterisk denotes that the function returns a pointer to an array of the type the function is declared to return. The expression would have to be something like
bool * (*fn())[10];

The array type can be thought of as a pointer to an array of ten pointers to functions.

The Mediterranean diet may have health benefits for people with diabetes.

A new study suggests that following a diet rich in Mediterranean foods, including olive oil, nuts, fruits and vegetables, can have beneficial effects on metabolic parameters such as blood sugar, cholesterol and body weight in people with type 2 diabetes.

The participants were 68 overweight adults, all of whom had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for at least one year. The study was carried out at several centres in the United Kingdom.

The participants were assigned to follow one of two diets: Mediterranean-diet or ‘healthy’ control diet. The


.. I found out that the app is available from the Open Source package manager but I can’t see a version 1.2.2. for iOS or Android..

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