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Desktop gadgets are designed to help users have easy access to frequently used programs and system data. They enable computer users not to stop working to view specific information, as these simple apps display it right on the screen.
Note Gadget is one of these small programs that allow you to take notes directly from your desktop. After installing it, the program appears on your screen, displaying a small text box, similar to a note or a reminder.
This lightweight utility lets you to write down any idea you come up with or any interesting piece of information you found while browsing the Internet. The context menu offers you the possibility to use the copy-paste feature if you do not want to write the text manually. In addition to this, other basic editing options are available, such as cut or delete.
You get to define the size of the text and you can undo an action at any time. After writing or pasting the text, the program offers you the possibility to select it and move it to another document or program.
Nevertheless, while in some situations this gadget can really come in handy, it does not offer as many features as other similar programs. For example, you cannot format the text or change the appearance of the note.
Furthermore, you can’t save the text, nor have multiple notes on the desktop screen. Thus, adding multiple separate entries in the note is not an option. Also, notes do not survive a computer restart.
Although it is handy to store the small pieces of information you come across, this gadget is not the most appropriate tool if you need multiple notes or reminders on your desktop screen.


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Note Gadget Crack

➧ Tiny and useful note gadget that lets you write down any idea, comment or information that comes up while browsing the Internet or working with an application.
➧ Create notes with a single click, edit the text and use copy & paste functions for fast note entry. Note is a text with an undo history and a context menu.
➧ Draw your own pictures with NotesArt, add links to webpages, e-mail addresses and even hyperlinks to your desktop. Write text in colours and include images in the note text, put hyperlinks in notes to enable opening a web page or document.
➧ An easy way to save, print, import and export your notes. All your notes can be saved and exported as an HTML file or as a PDF document.
➧ Reminder: reminder for each day and for a whole month, notes that are automatically deleted after a predefined time. Can also be disabled.
➧ Supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
➧ Multiple notes and notes for a whole day on the desktop. Can be switched on or off without restarting your computer.
➧ Supports Evernote and can be read from Evernote

Note Gadget main features:
➧ Notes by clicking on a bookmark.
➧ Notes using a favourite browser.
➧ Time and date stamps on the notes.
➧ Can be used in conjunction with other products such as OneNote.
➧ Have a picture or a few words in your note
➧ Powerfull copy and paste function (multiple)
➧ Save and export notes and as HTML or as PDF
➧ Support for Evernote
➧ Support for Mac OS X and Windows
➧ Support for Linux and BSD


Note Gadget screen shots:

Note Gadget user manual:

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NOTE Gadget is a program developed to provide a note function for your desktop. The program allows you to store a simple text with an undo history and to quickly move it to another document. It doesn’t offer as many functions as some other similar programs on the market. The lightweight nature of the program is its advantage. Nevertheless, the power of the program lies in its ability to edit the text and to save the notes.

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Easy tool to enable you to take notes on your computer desktop.
You can put any text you write into a note.
You can drag the note to the trash can to delete it.
You can put the note on a calendar so you can find it easily.
You can copy and paste the note text into other documents.
You can copy and paste the text from other documents into the note.
You can copy the note into the clipboard to paste it elsewhere.
You can select the note text and copy it to another document.
You can delete the note text at any time.
You can undo all past actions, or go back in time.
You can keep the history of the actions you do, so you can redo them anytime you want.
You can assign a shortcut key to the actions you do.
You can use multiple notes.
You can save the note text so you can reload it later.
You can save notes, so you can pick up where you left off.
You can have notes on other programs.
You can load notes from removable disk (Floppy Disk, pen drive or USB Flash Drive).
You can save notes and store them on removable disk.
You can have multiple notes.
You can add a picture to the notes.
You can assign a hotkey to the image.
You can resize the image to the size you like.
Note Gadget Download Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and later.
Note Gadget Free Download
Note Gadget is a useful note-taking app, but it does not provide much functionality. You can use this tool as a quick way to take a note and store it for later, or to make a reminder. Not much more. You can add an image with a link to another document, but you cannot copy/paste text from other documents.
Note Gadget Video Review
You can download and install Note Gadget from the official Website.
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• The ability to remember words or phrases you come across while browsing the web.• Simple text editing options.• The ability to copy information into a new document or another program, where you can store it as a new entry.• Ease of handling and learning.

How to use Note Gadget:

1) Locate the Note Gadget icon. There are several options to install it and some work better than others.
2) Right click on the Note Gadget icon and select the “Settings” option.
3) Select “Save as”. You will be prompted with the “Save as type” dialogue box. Select the text format you would like to use.
4) This will create a new “note” or “entry” file in the designated directory.
5) You can define the font, size and colour of the note.
6) Right click the note and select “Edit Notes”.
7) Here you can add an identifier tag that identifies the note.
8) Finally, you can select other notes or even move it to another program.

Advantages of Note Gadget:

• Easily saves the piece of information you find.• The program is versatile and easy to handle.• You can copy this note to other files, which is great when you need to note down other information.• Can easily be added to any other document or program.• You can even organize your notes, notes or learn how to use it in numerous ways.• Designed to be lightweight and easy to learn.

Disadvantages of Note Gadget:

• Can only be used on the Microsoft Windows platform.• No options to format the note.• Can not be saved after a restart.• No options to print the note.• No multiple notes.• No options to mark the note as read.• No options to re-edit the notes.

Windows Gadget Artist Free(saved in the file cabinet 1.exe)
Download Windows Gadget Artist Free (saved in the file cabinet 1.exe). This is the newest version of the Tool.

How To Use Windows Gadget Artist Free:

1) Start the program.
2) Open “Settings”
3) Click on “Save” to allow the program to save.
4) Click “Edit” to insert various information such as the font size and color.

What’s New In?

-Gadgets can be defined as small programs placed on your desktop. Most of these apps have specific functions and are related to desktop operation. For example, there are widgets that notify the user whenever a new e-mail is received. The note gadget is one of these little programs. It helps you write down any idea you come up with or any interesting piece of information you found while browsing the Internet.
-You can’t select the font used in the notes, but you can copy and paste the text.
-You can define the text size and the maximum number of characters.
-You can select the note before writing or copying, thus allowing you to organize them.
-You can undo an action at any time.
-You can edit text after writing or copying it, selecting it and moving it to another document or program.
-Notes don’t survive a computer restart.

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System Requirements For Note Gadget:

The game is currently on the Greenlight page. So far it looks like it’s a lot of fun.Here’s a few of the highlights:The visuals are amazing. The game uses 1024×768 resolution and there are no visible scaling bars at all. The effects are really slick and look like they’d work really well at 2560×1440 (and hopefully higher). I tried to turn on VSync and it didn’t work so I have to assume it’s not an option. There’s an option to turn on anti-aliasing which is kinda the same thing.