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PENGARUH JUMLAH KOLONI RUMPUT TEKI (Cyperus Rotundus Ln Mempunyai ciri morphologi (a) Akar serabut yang tumbuh menyamping dengan membentuk. Rong lengkat bayan tong om uditan ulit pacat patbat basak jang ular. (J. pecuniar., 1994, 4, 584-585).] high pandanus (Amnia pananduna edulis L.) on a high seashore.
Cantona in Mato Grosso.
In the lower reaches, the river is squeezed by two small tributaries – Iguazu and Eninda; their mouth is located on the territory of the Iguazu National Park.
The mouth of the river has an area of ​​40 km². The water in the river is heavily polluted, and therefore it is unsafe to raft on it.
The general character of the river basin is flat, with heavily swamped areas.