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MLA Ka oPower (MLA) 2018 New released full Hindi dubbed film. The first part of the film is about work in legislation and personnel. The second film came out last year. This film is based on this story.
The film was shot in 25 days, very beautiful, interesting, based on real events. The young specialists were shown the work of the Parliament.
In fact, this is the first film on legislation in the world, which is filmed in Hindu and Hich-Hindi. It clearly showed that any legislative design is always voluntary and was created to solve certain problems.

The film caused a flurry of criticism, the main question that constantly sounded from the audience was how to cope with such a large team as and what will happen to the Gujarati law, which has been discussed in Parliament for 10 years.
The ending was emotional. Congressmen, one by one, went to the microphones and said that the Hindi politics today is like “a stupid goat that coughs.”
We know there will be a lot of questions about Gujarat after the film. But don’t worry, because the movie shows how lawmakers came to pass such a law.