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Is ‘propio’ a valid word?

I’ve seen the word ‘propio’ being used to mean ‘belonging to oneself’ in this sentence:

Per el propio criterio de una escuela sin valor ni rigor, no se habla de literatura al margen de la moralidad.

It seems to me that in the previous sentence this ‘propio’ is singular, even though ‘criterio’ is plural.


Per the very first entry of the Real Academia Española’s dictionary, propio is a word used in the following sense:

De un mismo lugar o recinto

The word is highlighted in yellow in the image below:

From this definition, “propio” can be seen as a “proper” word (one that denotes a “proper” place or thing, but not the verb “propio” itself).
A “proper” word is usually spelled with an accent: característico (characteristic), capítulo (chapter), digestivo (digestive), etc.
Additionally, in modern (third-world) Spanish, both words that are used as “proper” forms of nouns are often written with an accent in the following cases:

When the word is very long
With very common or frequentable words
With words that are often written with an accent, as in the examples above


The most important part of the question is this:

Is propio a valid word?

I’d say that no, it is not.
The word propio has another meaning in Spanish, namely:

Este país es muy propio, que es de los propios (that country is very unique, that is very of its own).

That usage is its “proper” one, meaning “belonging to oneself”, as you say. The word is just one of the many valid words that can mean “belonging to oneself”, so no, it’s not proper.
Note that the use you show is not typical. It is a


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