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JFileProcessor Crack+ 2022

Java based file manager, allows to search and organize files.
Explore files and folders, show file details,
Copy, cut, paste, create, rename, delete,
Create new folder, manage files in folder,
Show results in text or list views,
Change view,
View files by type, size, date, last modified,
View in text editor
Supported operations:
Cut, copy, paste, select all, select text,
Create new folder, manage files in folder,
Remove selected files from folder.
Find selected files using:
• Basic file search (name, date, size)
• Search by content
Search forward / backward by date, type, size
Rename selected files with:
• Name editor
• Reorder selected files using
• UP/DOWN key
• Plus/minus of files in list
• Insert/delete characters
• Reverse search by date, size, type, etc.
Open selected files with:
• Open with specific application
• Open terminal
• Open file with any application.
Find next/previous file using:
• ‘+’ or ‘-‘ key
• Press ‘G’ to show next file
• Press ‘Z’ to show previous file
• Press ‘Q’ to quickly go back
• Press ‘;’ or ‘


Do you have difficulty opening the file you just saved? Are you looking for a fast way to clear your cache? JFileProcessor Crack For Windows is a fully featured file manager and cache cleaner with both excellent built in file search functions and a cache clearing utility.


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JFileProcessor is a free, but very useful file manager, which has a Java-based file search engine built right in to the app. The app is designed to help you to find the file of your choice on your computer, wherever you may have stored them.
What is new in this version:
Minor bugfixes, mostly caused by Google’s update to Chrome.
What’s new
Minor bugfixes, mostly caused by Google’s update to Chrome.
The App supports Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, FF, Opera, Fire Fox, Fennec and Opera for Android. FILED




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What’s New in the?

The java Based File Manager is a most wonderful replacement for your difficult file management tasks and take your tasks to a top quality. It can make your files management tasks easier than ever.
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A small search tool integrated in the File Manager is nothing out of the ordinary, as they are a common feature in any file manager. However, JFileProcessor’s file search and count functions are second to none, as they are not only easy to use, but also capable of finding any file in seconds.
From the regular file management functions, JFileProcessor has several additional features. Most notably, for instance, is the option to quickly display the total file count of your system. This means that you don’t need to bother counting the files on your hard drive manually anymore.

JFileProcessor Review

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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 1.8 GHz Pentium III or equivalent
Memory: 256MB RAM
Graphics: 16MB video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1GB free space
Recommended system requirements
OS: Windows Vista
Hard Drive: 1GB free