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Jambo [April-2022]

The Jambo system starts on this website, moves onto your WiFi-enabled device and culminates when you can put your technology away and interact directly with someone near you who shares one of your professional or personal interests. It took years to build but only minutes to download and begin using.
Four simple steps:
1. Produce a bio about yourself and what you are searching for.
2. Download Jambo application.
3. Discover when the people you want to meet are nearby you.
4. Meet face to face.
To start using Jambo, you need an invitation to register for the beta program. This may come from a representative from an organization you’re a member of that is participating, or from a friend who invites you. Follow the web link in the invitation to go to the registration page.
Enter your first and last name and choose a username. Create a password, and enter your email address. Then click OK. The web server will then send a confirmation message to your email account. If you use a spam filter for your email, make sure that email from “” will not be deleted by your filter. You can edit your email address and resend the confirmation code if needed. When you receive the email, follow the confirmation link. This will confirm your email address and activate your account.
Once you are registered, click the “My Jambo” link on the navigation bar to log in and access the web features documented below.
Note: the Jambo web site uses Javascript in a few areas, such the “Popular Choices” hints that are available on some group profiles. These features won’t work if you have disabled Javascript in your web browser preferences, but none of the basic features on the site rely on Javascript.







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Jambo automatically scans your email and sends out email invites to groups of people. When you receive a confirmation email, go to the group’s page to join.
When you are logged in, click on the “Send me alerts about interesting people” link at the top right of the navigation bar. This is where you choose how many email alerts you want to receive. You can change this setting at any time.
Jambo is geared toward singles and couples. You can also find groups of friends to meet up with.
The Jambo application works on any device you are connected to the Internet on. You will receive notifications about new matches when you are logged in, even if you’re offline.
When you find a match, click the link in the email and start the conversation. The conversation will begin automatically. People also have the option to talk directly with each other without having to use an automated messaging system.
There are seven different ways you can talk to your matches:
1. Email 2. Direct Message 3. Live Video Chat 4. Live Video Chat w/o sound 5. Message a link with video (phone calls have video, but they are not text based like email, and the audio is usually turned off) 6. Audio Call 7. SMS Call
Here is an example of how you can use these options to have a conversation.
SMS Call:
1. You find someone using a match service. You decide you want to talk to that person. You click the link in the email, and follow the instructions. Then the person will send you an SMS message. This message will arrive via your phone’s messaging system, and will be sent from their phone number, so you can be sure it’s really them. You can then reply to the SMS message and start talking.
Live Video Chat:
1. You find someone using a match service. You decide you want to talk to that person. You click the link in the email, and follow the instructions. Then the person will start a video chat. You can start talking at any time.
Live Video Chat w/o sound:
1. You find someone using a match service. You decide you want to talk to that person. You click the link in the email, and follow the instructions. Then the

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Social Community Applications
The Jambo software offers something for everyone. It can be a platform to bring people together or an approach for people to find people they share similar interests with. It can also be a tool to find relevant groups of people for a hobby or career opportunity, or an opportunity for a job or internship.
As a shared resource, it can be a resource to connect you with friends, support groups, organizations, communities, professionals, employers, or just people you meet along the way. It can also help make you feel part of a larger community.
As a social community, it can help you meet people who share your interests or have a shared passion for things that interest you. In this way, Jambo becomes a vehicle to fulfill your life purpose and build your destiny.
As a market research tool, it can help you gain insights into the people and cultures you want to learn about. And the interest and demographics data it collects can be used to improve future products and services.
As a digital travel app, it can be used to find a restaurant, a hotel, or other destinations that you’re looking for. The Web is a great source for these things, but you can meet others that have been there before you and can share their experiences and recommendations.
The following is an overview of the Jambo features.
My Jambo – Home Page
The Jambo home page is your gateway to the Jambo social application.
My Profile
The “My Profile” page gives you a quick glance at your profile information. Here you can edit your Jambo profile.
My Network
Your Jambo profile is tied to your username (or network). A Jambo network is a group of people that you want to share your interests with and find similar interests with. Your network is the collection of friends and contacts you want to meet. The following pages let you organize your network of friends and contacts.
The My Jambo screen and user-defined networks of users are both organized into networks. These groups of users may be further organized into communities, and people who are part of your network can find communities where they can be connected with those people. This is useful for people who are looking to form a group of people to connect with or a group of people to connect with to fulfill their purpose and destiny.
When you first open My Jambo, you see a “Popular Choices” list in the left sidebar that offers pre-generated networks of people you may be interested in.

What’s New in the?

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 (32/64 bit) or Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 (2.4 GHz) or AMD Phenom II X4 (2.4 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: AMD HD 5770 or nVidia GeForce GT 640 (1 GB) or better.
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 8 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768