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Internet Captcha Free

HTML forms can be protected by inserting a variety of captcha solutions.
These are often seen on websites using credit card payments.
You can select the captcha that is most suitable for your situation.

The components of the captcha are:
1. 2D image
2. Text
3. For text captchas, you can select either the numbers or the letters.
The captcha contains a variety of elements that you can customize.
Below are a list of the things you can change in order to personalize the captchas:
1. Captcha Font Family
2. Captcha Font Size
3. Captcha Background Color
4. Captcha Font Color
5. Captcha Text Color
6. Captcha Background Opacity
7. Captcha Size
8. Captcha Spacing
9. Captcha Leading
10. Captcha Offset
Captcha Captcha Image:
As with all other elements, you can personalize the Captcha image by selecting different options:
1. Custom Image URL
2. Captcha Background Color
3. Captcha Text Color
4. Captcha Background Opacity
5. Captcha Size
6. Captcha Spacing
7. Captcha Leading
8. Captcha Offset

Generate Captchas in 10 seconds

Internet Captcha Generator is a piece of software that will produce captcha’s in a fraction of a second without altering the user experience of your website.
Internet Captcha Generator is a very fast captcha generator that will be able to generate any number of captchas for you without taking your precious time.

This captcha generator generates a captcha using the captcha image from the site.
The captcha is stored in the database of a PHP script that you can adjust.
The captcha generator allows for easy customization as you can edit the captcha via the admin panel of the script.

Create captchas with one click

Captcha is a necessary element that helps you protect your website, yet it can be annoying for the users if they have to type in a string of text, which may take a lot of time.
That is why nowadays it is a common practice to insert captcha’s in your form fields, so the users have to type in the correct captcha.
CaptchaGenerator Free is a piece of software that will provide you with a simple and quick way to make captchas for your website.
You just

Internet Captcha [Latest]


Support for all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome



The most popular Open Source frontend that is compatible with all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome


Generated Captcha:

Custom Captcha


The scripts for generating Captcha can be easily installed and used under Apache HTTP Server or under any other CGI-enabled web server.



Eventing provides an alternative way to use the captcha plugin. The original CAPTCHA can be easily replaced by a flash/silverlight popup window that will be shown on the web page. You can use it as a form validation and security mechanism, forcing the user to confirm that he/she is a human.



The Captcha plugin is a PHP API that allows to do a variety of things with Captcha, such as:

Generate Captcha instances

Generate Captcha instances that is usable in HTML forms

Fill a form with generated Captcha instances

Fill a form with generated Captcha instances that is usable in HTML forms

Et cetera.


The scripts for generating Captcha can be easily installed and used under Apache HTTP Server or under any other CGI-enabled web server.


Built-in Spell Check:

Added a built-in spell check feature to Internet Captcha. Simply fill in the captchas with your text and Internet Captcha will check it for spelling mistakes and warn you if you have any.


Advanced Word Breaking:

The server can break down the string into separate words. This enables you to use words like “you” or “your” which are virtually impossible to crack. You can enter the separated words in the fields below.


Word Numericality Check:

Added a built-in word numericity check to Internet Captcha. Simply fill in the captchas with your numbers or words, and Internet Captcha will verify the entered data according to the rules you enter.


Built-in Image Replacement

Internet Captcha Keygen Full Version [Mac/Win]

Internet Captcha is a handy and reliable application designed to produce captchas with the aim to protect HTML forms.
By inserting captchas in your webpages, you make sure that the forms are filled in by a human, and not an automated robot.
In addition, Internet Captcha features HTML5 compatibility and is compliant with all modern browsers.
Internet Captcha Features:

HTML5 compatibility: Internet Captcha is ready to use in all modern browsers.
User-friendly interface: The interface is easily understandable and well organized, with a large number of options and settings that can be easily configured.
Custom Image Size: The program can generate and save any number of images with the required size for the desired captcha.
Custom Image Color: The program can generate a high-quality captcha image by selecting one of the most common colors in the world.
Generate Captchas with DIFFERENT LANGUAGES:
You can choose from the list of languages supported in Internet Captcha.
Create Captchas for different applications:
Internet Captcha can generate captchas for any application that is running on any operating system.
Create thousands of images per second:
With Internet Captcha you can generate up to thousands of captchas per second.
Generate Full Screen Captchas:
With Internet Captcha you can generate fully-fledged captchas as large as you can desire.
High Speed and Low Memory Usage:
Internet Captcha can generate high-quality captchas in a short period of time.
Easy to Add to Existing Form:
With Internet Captcha you can easily add the captcha to existing forms.
Other features:
Internet Captcha is compatible with all modern browsers.
100% clean and HTML5 compatible code.
Protects you from malicious automated script.
Lets you customize your captcha to your own needs.
Internet Captcha can generate many forms for each captcha.
Generates captchas for different applications.
Hides your original image source.
Hides your date to make sure your captchas will not stop working.
Allows you to generate random numbers instead of letters in the captchas.
Allows you to change the background color and the color of the text in the captchas.
Allows you to change the number of required letters in the captcha.
Allows you to change the number of required digits in the captcha.
Allows you to change the number of required words in

What’s New in the Internet Captcha?

Internet Captcha is a very powerful and flexible captcha solution
that lets you create any kind of captcha in seconds
of your own design. You can also use any image from your computer
as the captcha background, and add over and around your images
as you please.
Internet Captcha Features:
For your convenience, Internet Captcha includes an unlimited number of captcha shapes, fonts, colors,
alpha channel support and many other customization options.
You can change the color of the font,
make the text bold or italic, change the color of the background or even the font size.
You can also easily add an image above or below your captcha,
or play with the backgrounds’ opacity values.
Internet Captcha is the only free online source
with more than 40,000 exciting elements to get inspired by
Internet Captcha – you’ll be amazed by its features
once you get started.
We aim to create as many captchas as we can
so everybody can use the captchas they need in a comfortable way.
In that way, we believe Internet Captcha is the best captcha generator online.
Internet Captcha Review:
Smart Captchas are a significant part of any online business.
In fact, they are so important that most companies just won’t risk a transaction without a captcha.
These captcha are also essential to proof that people are actually filling in forms rather than just clicking.
Internet Captcha provides a new way to generate smart captchas based on its Smartness settings.
The idea is that you can configure your smartness settings manually,
or let the application do all the work for you,
which is pretty convenient.
Internet Captcha integrates a captcha generator with a smartness settings editor.
A real captcha generator and a smartness settings editor is an interesting combination.
In fact, you get more flexibility with Internet Captcha than with other captcha generators.
Internet Captcha lets you edit the font, color, background and font size
in addition to the options offered by other online captcha generators.
As a result, if you want to customize your own captchas, you’ll be able to do so
with a nice one-of-a-kind designer tool.
Best of all, you can experiment with new ideas
without having to pay for them. Internet Captcha lets you preview all the customizations.
So it’s easy to get started with your captchas.
Captchas, after

System Requirements For Internet Captcha:

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
CPU: 1.8 GHz or faster
RAM: 4 GB or more
Video: DirectX 9 graphics card with at least 512 MB video memory
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: At least 5 GB available space
Required Add-ons: V-Ray
Please Note: Our game doesn’t support the UWP (Universal Windows Platform)
or Metro client operating systems.
We will