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There is no doubt that various image formats each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, but since we are not machines and we only care about what the image showcases, we may need a converter that allows us to see the image on any of our devices.
Not only does Image Conversion Tool precisely what its name says it does, it also goes beyond that, going so far as to even allow the conversion of certain document formats into images and vice-versa.
A store app with a typical straightforward UI
Like all other apps found in the Windows Store, this one comes with a modern-looking UI that is also extremely easy to comprehend.
As you open it, you are already greeted by choice, to either convert from image to file or from file to image.
Regardless of what you choose at this stage, the subsequent windows look pretty much the same, since you will get to see an extremely long list of image and file formats that this app can convert to and from.
Convert almost any kind of document, including PDF
Depending on what type of image conversion you want to perform, you get to choose between more or fewer combinations. For example, while JPG images can be converted to 14 other formats, XPS files can only be converted to PNG.
Of course, you don't have to learn this table of contents by heart, since it always stays displayed for you to observe.
Once you choose your file and the format you want it converted into, you are prompted with a loading bar. File conversion times are based on multiple variables, such as image size, and format choice.
An efficient image and document conversion tool
There were no issues found while testing Image Conversion Tool, and the modern-looking and easy-to-use UI make it an excellent choice, especially for those who are not all that computer savvy. More so, the multitude of supported formats make this app a good replacement for a larger amount of other apps







Image Conversion Tool Crack + Download 2022

An impressively long list of the image conversion formats supported by the app, which makes it easy for you to try out a bunch of other.
It’s a two-sided application, meaning you can have two copies on your PC at the same time.
Windows Store Version:
Windows 10
App Name:
Image Conversion Tool

Image Conversion Tool Crack + (Updated 2022)



I have already pointed you to File Converter in your other question. I guess I should answer my own question, so that I never again forget to answer my own question. 🙂
Anyways, this app is exactly what you’re looking for. It has two options: convert file(s) to one of many various types of image file, and convert image file(s) into one of many various file types.
Convert file to image

Convert image to file

File Converter has a modern-looking interface. I have it set to highlight when it finds a match, so you will know exactly which one you are targeting. No need for a table of contents. No need to know what every single file format is. No need to learn.
You do need to know where the converted file will be saved on your device. You can get that from the toolbar, with the little triangle icon. If you right-click on the file, you will be able to tell how big it is, in terms of megabytes and gigabytes, if you so desire.
You can preview the image in a small window. View larger windows in full screen mode.
There are numerous file types to choose from. You can choose multiple. You can choose file types not available from the drop-down list.
New files (including.xls,.ppt,.txt,.docx,.doc,.xlsx,.pdf,.jpg,.png,.gif, etc.) are also supported.
I would also suggest this app for converting various file types to/from image file.

This is not the “official” app to convert file type X to image type Y. That would be PrintStudio. PrintStudio is free. File Converter is only free if you buy a Microsoft Windows 10 license.


You could try my application Converter for Office (Dictionary, View, Excel, Images, PDF).
Converter for Office is 100% free, No Adverts, virus checked, and does what you want it to do.

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Image Conversion Tool With License Code

The app allows you to quickly convert a picture to a file format such as JPEG or PDF. You can also create a document based on an image, quickly transforming it into a PDF that you can share via e-mail or other means.
This free app has an easy-to-use interface and loads quickly. The settings panel makes it easy to choose the file, the layout, and the image quality settings to use. There are also several useful features, such as automatic conversion to all selected file formats, and the ability to output multiple pages per document.
What’s New in This Version:
The latest update to the app adds the ability to upload to OneDrive and Google Drive as well as Dropbox.
App Details
4.65 MB
Image Editing
Last Update
Streak Software

Image Converter – How to create an image gallery app

Image Converter is a good tool, which is developed by Streak Software. It is a powerful app, which is used to create a digital picture gallery. It allows you to share images from your phone and camera. You may share them by email or upload them to social media. You may also print them, share them on a website or on a blog. The best of all, you can share images by sharing cards to a social media app. You can also easily create an image gallery app, based on this app. The software supports formats, that are commonly used, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, BMP, EPS, and TGA. The main features that come along with this app are listed as follows.

Image Converter – Create an image gallery app

Image Converter is a multi-functional app, that lets you create an image gallery app. Firstly, you may share your images by sharing images from your phone and camera. You may also share them by email or upload them to social media. You may share them by email or upload them to social media. The best of all, you may share images by sharing cards to a social media app. You may share them by email or upload them to social media. You may easily share photos, based on a gallery, to Facebook, Flickr

What’s New In?

Format to format:
Convert your files in just a few steps
8+ formats of images
Convert to JPG
Convert to all kinds of GIF
Convert to all kinds of SWF
Convert to all kinds of PDF
Convert to all kinds of TIFF
Convert to all kinds of BMP
Convert to all kinds of TGA
Convert to all kinds of PNG
…and more

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