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iGO navigation devices are among the most well known and many people use them and for this reason there are numerous dedicated applications that can carry out various tasks from managing the content stored on these units, to handling specific files that are meant only for certain navigators.
iGO BMP is one such utility that was tailored to provide users a means of viewing and managing the bitmap images (BMP) that belong to iGO/Miomap devices.
Minimalistic interface with a handful of options
An important advantage of this tool becomes evident as soon as the program is started, more precisely it concerns the fact that it doesn't have to be installed and is ready to run out of the box.
Other than that, the looks are not impressive as the GUI is plain and simple, allowing you to simply load a file and analyze it up close before saving it into another format.
Basic set of features for elementary operations
Insofar as the input is concerned, as its name clearly states, this software will only work with BMP files, be them compressed or not. Once an image is loaded, you have at your disposal a zoom-in as well as a zoom-out function that is quite handy for going deep inside the bitmap.
In case you want to have any transparent areas revealed, there is a dedicated option that once checked, will make the transparency become clearly visible, especially if those areas are surrounded by darker colors.
When it comes to saving the opened BMP file, there are two options you can use, namely save the image as RLE (iGO compressed) or as a standard bitmap file recognizable by Windows.
Easy to use but overly simple application
In conclusion, one thing is certain: iGO BMP is as easy to use as it could possibly be, but it is very limited in terms of functionality and this could turn aside many users who may be looking for a bit more.

IGO BMP PC/Windows (Final 2022)

File Transfer:
– FTP (FTP File Transfer)
– FTP Server
– FTP User/Password
– FTP Remote Directory
– FTP Site Path
– FTP Account Folder

Network Transfer:
– HTTP (HTTP Web Server)
– URL (URL Web Server)
– HTTP Server
– HTTP Request
– HTTP User/Password

File Sharing:
– SMB (Microsoft Windows Share)
– SMB Server
– SMB Host
– SMB User/Password
– SMB Share
– SMB Server Shared Directory
– SMB Group

Remote Display:
– VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
– VNC Server
– VNC Viewer
– VNC Server List
– VNC User/Password

Remote Printing:
– IPP (IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)
– LPD (LPD (Line Printer Daemon))
– IPP/LPD Port
– IPP/LPD User/Password

Remote Desktop:
– RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
– RDP Server
– RDP User/Password
– RDP List
– RDP Session
– RDP Profile

Remote File Sharing:
– NFS (Network File System)
– NFS Server
– NFS Server List
– NFS User/Password
– NFS Share

Remote Printing:
– QPS (QPS (Quick Printing Service))
– QPS Host
– QPS Printer
– QPS User/Password
– QPS Printer List

Remote File Access:
– SFTP (Secure FTP)
– FTP over SSH
– FTP over Secure Shell
– FTP over SSL
– FTP over SSL Secure Session
– FTP over SSL Secure Connection
– FTP over SSL Secure Connection Secure Session
– FTP over Secure SSH
– FTP over SSH Secure Connection
– FTP over SSH Secure Connection Secure Session
– FTP over SSH Secure Session Secure Connection

Audio Transcoding:
– LAME (LAME MP3 Encoder)
– LAME Encoder
– MP3 Encoder
– MP3 Encoder

Audio Encoding:
– AIFF (Apple Computer, Inc.)
– AIFF (Windows)
– AIFF (Macintosh)
– AIFF (Emagic)
– AIFF (Emagic)
– AIFF (Emagic)

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This is a viewer for iGO compatible devices. It can also be used to view different Motorola formats (FCC, SCD, and ECC).
If the RDF file is in the current directory, this viewer opens it, if not, it attempts to open the supplied file.Q:

How to handle the type parameter of a struct in Golang?

How would I define a method on a type that takes in an interface{} type (the type of the structure)?
Here’s the code I have so far:
package main

import “fmt”

type Foo struct{
Bar string

type BarFoo struct{
Bar Foo

type MyBarFoo Foo

type MyBar struct{
Bar BarFoo

func (b *BarFoo) FooBar() Foo {
return Foo{b.Bar}

func main() {
var (
m = MyBar{}
m.FooBar = func(f Foo) Foo {
return Foo{f.Bar}

var s Foo
s.Bar = “B”

b := BarFoo{s.Bar}


func myFunc(m *MyBar) {

I would expect the FooBar() method to return a Foo, but instead I get an empty type Foo.
I’m guessing that I have to define some sort of type-casting going on, but I’m stuck at defining it for this case.
Thanks for any help in advance!


An interface{} is just a value of any type, so if you are passing a Foo to the method, the method won’t know that

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A simple, free-to-use software to view and open up bitmaps in various shapes. iGO Bitmap Viewer is especially useful if you own a MioMap device or if you just want to take a look at the contents of the file, because it comes with all the needed options to open the file and view its content.

+ Simple to use
+ Easy to handle
+ No installation neededQ:

How to solve this ODE?

I have a function like this:
y[t_] = Γ y[t]^2 + D y[t]^3 + I y[t]^4

for various values of parameters I, Γ, D and I, and I’m trying to solve this ODE.
My first attempt was to use DSolve. Unfortunately, it gives a solution that I don’t understand, and moreover, there are several solutions for different D, I, Γ and I. I think there should be only one solution.
Here is my code:
y1 = DSolve[{y[t] == y[t]^2 + I y[t]^4, y[0] == 0}, y[t], t]
y2 = DSolve[{y[t] == y[t]^2 + I y[t]^4, y[0] == 0}, y[t], t]
y3 = DSolve[{y[t] == y[t]^2 + I y[t]^4, y[0] == 0}, y[t], t]

And here is the output:
{I Cos[t] + (I^2 + 4 D) Sin[t], 0}
{I Cos[t] + (I^2 + 4 D) Sin[t], 0}
{I Cos[t] + (I^2 + 4 D) Sin[t], 0}

It’s a little hard to figure out what happens, but anyway, the question is: how do I get a single solution, not several?


You can solve the equation analytically. The particular solution can be expressed as a series:
$\sum_{n=0}^\infty \left[ a_n \, \mathrm{e}^{ -\lambda_n t} +

What’s New In?

iGO BMP is one of the software solutions that is developed for the purpose of viewing, searching and managing iGO/Miomap files and it is available in both English and Spanish languages.
What's new in this version:
– Fixed crash bug

Tuesday, August 29, 2016

iGO MAP is the latest version of an iGO navigation solution dedicated to iGO/Miomap and that can work on Windows XP/7/8/10 and Android (GT-S2 and later), iPad, Mac and all the other platforms the company supports.
This is a full-featured solution that comes as a plug-in that is compatible with all the iGO units that support the MiMap format and it can either be installed on the unit or uploaded on a PC. Once installed, you can access and manage the maps that are associated with the iGO device, as well as the ones you may have downloaded from our website. The tool comes with a set of advanced features including file browsing and downloading, file navigation, shape retrieval, point of interest (POI) search and map analysis.
The program supports both iGO maps in the.imex format and the MiMap files, which are readily available on our website as well as any bitmap images that are associated with the iGO device.

iGO MAP BMP version 1.0.1Requirements: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10License: FreeWhat's new in this version:Version 1.0.1- Update for both Windows and Mac- Update for Internet Explorer- Fixed issue when loading a.dwg file- Fixed issue when changing the zoom level

Monday, August 28, 2016

iGO ONE is an iGO navigation device that is dedicated to exploring MiMap maps, also known as iGO Maps. This is a full-featured solution that comes with all the tools you may be interested in.
The product can be either installed on a iGO ONE, and if you happen to have an Android device, it can be used through an application that is specifically designed for the purpose of controlling the iGO ONE unit. With that said, the only downside is that the maps that are provided are only for the Android platform and are not supported on Windows.
The tool supports maps that are in the.imex format, as well as the MiMap format, which is available as bitmap images. In addition, you can access the Maps on our website and any bitmap images that are associated with your iGO ONE unit.
You can browse the maps for selected POIs, download them, generate new maps, and so forth. You can also take full advantage of advanced tools such as the shape retrieval feature and the search for any features on the map.

Friday, August 25, 2016

iGO SYSTEMS is a suite

System Requirements For IGO BMP:

• OS: Windows 10
• Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent
• RAM: 4GB
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560 or equivalent
• Hard Drive: 15GB
• DirectX: Version 11
• Network: Broadband Internet connection
• Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible
• Controller: Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller (xbox360 or xbox360ce or xbox360ce-wired)
• Resolution: 1080p HD Monitor
* Broadband Internet connection is highly recommended