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HP Pavilion Dv6500 Drivers Windows 7 32bit Zip













HP Pavilion Dv6500 Drivers Windows 7 32bit Zip


May 5, 2016
As this question has been covered in a lot of detail in other forums I won’t go into too much technical detail, but only want to refer you to a few general references below:. Please tell me how you would go about installing those drivers (both in the question above as well as answers on those forums).

The HP Pavilion dv6500 Dv6500 Notebook PC was sold with a service tag of 02792. . But the more recent model I have is dv7210 which was sold with a 08902 service tag. The service tag number that comes with the computer is 08902. The service tag numbers for the Pavilion dv6500 and the dv7210 are different. The iog32 (Intel On Graphics) Windows driver released by HP is designed for the Intel Graphics chipset on these models. The Graphics chipset on the Pavilion dv6500 is Intel GMA HD On-Chip. To get the latest Intel On-Chip Graphics drivers you can find it. I’ve included in the enclosed links, the iog32-win9x.exe file which you can use to install the latest Windows drivers for the Intel On-Chip Graphics.
Here is a link to the page on HP’s website for Troubleshooting your HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop, from which you can download the service tag number 08902. For a current date of service tag 08902 you can check. The solution on that page to your problem is as follows:. I just have one question: how do you install the DVD recorder drivers on your HP Pavilion dv6500 Notebook PC?
It’s easiest to get the drivers for your HP Pavilion dv6500 Notebook PC from HP’s website. Once you’ve located the link for your machine on the HP website go to the “Downloads” tab. You may then download.

From the “Support and Resources” tab of the HP site you can download “Support and Resources” for the Pavilion Dv6500, which includes printer drivers and CD and DVD media. The downloads are archived at the HP website. From the HP website I’ve included the driver for installing the DVD Recorder I’ve attached to this question to the enclosed files.
For downloading further Windows drivers for your computer contact Windows Support at the HP website for your model’s operating system. From the “Support and Resources” tab of the HP site


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