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Mar 3, 2015
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21. zeus. (A high-paced fast-paced top-down shooter)

1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to a dental root canal procedure, and more particularly to a method of manufacturing a titanium post that has an improved attachment to the root canal and a method of manufacturing a titanium post.
2. Description of the Prior Art
After removing all damaged portions of the tooth, the interior of the tooth or root canal of the tooth is filled with a dental filling material that will harden and provide resistance to bacterial infection. During this procedure, a dental post is inserted into the root canal to provide a secure anchor for the filling material. The dental post consists of a titanium alloy that is biologically compatible with the host tooth.
It is important to have a secure connection between the dental post and the surrounding tooth so that the filling material will not be displaced or washed out of the root canal, and an adequate bacterial barrier will be maintained. Further, the dental post should be reasonably strong and should not be subject to fatigue failure due to repeated flexural stresses.
The conventional method of mounting a post in the root canal is by peening. However, the dentist has no way of checking the quality of the peening of the post prior to completing the filling material. Further, this procedure can leave microscopic dents or scratches on the surface of the post, or the dentist may not exactly follow the precise directions for the peening process. These dents or scratches in the post surface will eventually allow any filling material to flow out of the root canal and into the area between the post and the tooth.
The size of the post is determined by the size of the root canal, and the placement of the post in the root canal is determined by the coronal location of the tooth and the thickness of the tooth structure (tooth wall thickness) in the root canal.
During the dental post preparation process, the dentist must measure the size of the root canal in order to determine the correct size for the post. The dentist then calculates the depth of the post to be inserted into the root canal to be certain that there is sufficient room for the post to be completely inserted into the root canal.
For most premolar teeth that have a root canal located at the same level as the tooth””s occlusal surface, the dental post is parallel to the tooth””s root surface and the post is placed


Mar 17, 2019
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