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I love filling my boys’ dressing basket with funny costumes, but I don’t like to spend a lot.n They opened a cooking workshop together and hopefully live happily ever after.# ##We saw more flowers in those ten minutes than we should have seen anywhere else in so many days. A little explanation – Michigan is a northwestern (regional, shtatovsky) state with the richest nature. So remember its name: North Carolina, Chamberlain (due to the fact that the famous composer and music teacher used to live and work here – Chamberlain, there are many cities in the world with his name) the state in the USA with the largest number of Old Believers (the most real ) and Indians per capita. Usually there are not many of them, but after moving here there were a lot of them. The main thing is that when you sing against the backdrop of trees painted in the color of the rainbow in the evening, you see a real miracle!

When I am a happy owner of a camera, I love to photograph beautiful girls, especially in an unusual way. But this is my happiness and one girl from our group could not explain to me why she cannot be photographed from this angle.
These shoes are for one of my stylish and smart girlfriends.
While there is time, we went for a walk along the left bank of Michigan. In the north, or rather in the southeast, there is the famous Eliokapi – the Museum of the Indians. A one-day ticket is only 28. They don’t take money for a photo, and they refused another service that can be paid in cash.
– Please carry a bag on your hip.
Well, they are in vain, I only took out a bag once in my life, and I had to carry a second one in my arms, and then a third one. If someone told me that this is how I would take the gifts, then I would be very surprised. To properly convey the impression, you need to watch the video. It is very exciting.
Here, too, everything is very green, only the squirrel is half as much as in New York, and the territory from it is not at all so well-groomed.
You walk on the grass and smile.
The water in the Michigan River is beautiful.
Vika and Katya.
Me and Masha
7, she was never able to take off her shoes, and in the plans I had only 5 photos.
This is the second day when there was no rain and you could walk along the coast, river and waterfalls.
Many argued that this place is not for swimming, but for some reason I expected to swim on the way back.
Surprisingly, no matter how hard they tried, no one could take a dip in this place.