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How to change Font size/Family/Colors of a Selected Text in TextBox

I have a TextBox on a form, where I wanna change the selected text(basically all the text) color with the selected color of a single text
Default is black and I wanna change it to the color of a single text


The TextBox.SelectionColor property does exactly what you want. It sets the color of the selection used by the TextBox. The TextBox.SelectionBackColor property does what you expect it to – it set the color of the text behind the selected text.
If you want to change the text to a particular font, check out this post.

Extrusion is the process of continuously forcing a flow of plastic material through an extrusion die using a screw assembly that rotates within the die. The plastic material is pushed through the extrusion die by the force of the rotating screw assembly acting on the plastic material. As the screw assembly rotates, the screw assembly is forced in and out of the die. The extruded plastic material is generally thinner than the inside diameter of the die, therefore the material must exit the die as a thin sheet or film. The screw assembly force is typically increased by increasing the rotation of the screw assembly and/or the rotation speed of the screw assembly.
An extruder die comprises a channel or die sleeve located in the base of the die assembly. The flow of plastic material is received into the channel and then exits the die via a small orifice in a cap that is affixed to the channel. The channel typically has a uniform outside diameter that is as small as possible. This uniform outside diameter is needed so that the plastic material does not clog the channel. While the channel has a constant outside diameter, the inflow area may be varied. As the screw assembly is forced into


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