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Aug 18, 2018 1152 views Fixr is a free file sharing site where you can upload, download, and view files.Q:

Why port forwarding on OpenVPN slows down connection?

I have configured OpenVPN and when I try to connect to it from the internet, the connection is slow. I got the following log:
Fri Jul 8 23:40:42 2012 TUN/TAP device tap0 opened.
Fri Jul 8 23:40:42 2012 TUN/TAP TX queue length set to 100
Fri Jul 8 23:40:42 2012 do_ifconfig, tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup = 0
Fri Jul 8 23:40:42 2012 /sbin/ip link set dev tap0 up mtu 1500
Fri Jul 8 23:40:42 2012 /sbin/ip addr add dev tap0
Fri Jul 8 23:40:42 2012 Initialization Sequence Completed

Where is the internal OpenVPN server IP.
But when I connect to my office OpenVPN server, I don’t have this kind of problem. What does this log mean?


Your question is currently closed as “subtle.”

I have a single public IP address assigned to my home server that I
use from multiple devices.

The problem is that you’ve single publicly-routable IPv4 address allocated for your home server. Someone outside your home cannot establish VPN connection with you, so whenever you try to connect to your home server, client side network stack (i.e. OpenVPN) always tries to attach to your home IP address, which of course fails.

And it is quite slow…

You can’t connect to your server from external network in less than 10 seconds? It’s not possible, even with default settings. You can verify that it is in fact problem of OpenVPN by assigning external IP address to your home network interface. It is possible to establish connection between such clients, so your problem is on your side. If you want reliable connection, then one VPN account for one public IP address is the best choice.

Occupational exposure to methyl mercaptan is associated with skin and upper airway symptoms in a panel of workers.
Methyl mercaptan (MM) is a highly toxic, colorless gas with an


‘If the Pentagon just allowed the free market to take its course, the U.S. military would be running out of bullets’

For the U.S. military, the price tag of $68 million per minute is not a bureaucratic nightmare, but a point of pride.

In 2018, the Pentagon bought 1.75 million rounds of ammunition at a rate of about $185 a round. At a conservative estimated price of $1.20, the cost to the U.S. government was $68 million per minute.

To put this in perspective, the U.S. military spends an estimated $480 billion per year on ammunition. This means that, as the financial tables show, the U.S. military could buy about three and a half years worth of ammunition with the $68 million per minute price tag.

After the Pentagon’s ammo expenditures are tallied, it’s highly unlikely the number will ever sink under $68 million per minute.

This markdowns, however, come at a cost to individual soldiers who are forced to wait in line for hours to procure bullets at the expense of more immediate needs.

A few weeks after the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the end of October, the Department of Defense released a plan that would gradually phase out the practice of government bureaucrats allotting ammunition to troops.

Instead, the Army, Navy and Air Force would hand out ammo on a first come, first served basis. The Army, for instance, has adopted this practice in the past. The Pentagon is also opening the “black market” to military and law enforcement agencies, looking to decrease dependency on the “black market” to dole out bullets to the military.

While this means that bullets are going to cost less, it could also severely limit availability and is not something we’re prepared to relinquish.

No: ‘The Pentagon’s buying bullets at retail prices and then charging the military a premium’

Military Times: “Military leaders keep buying rounds at retail prices and keeping them locked up. That means the troops pay more for their ammunition, aren’t able to buy as much and are often forced to wait in long lines to get the bullets they need.”

“Most military agencies still buy enough to cover basic training. But after that, they have to purchase the rest at retail prices and keep



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