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Vibrant user interface
CrossUI is a mobile-first UI design language based on web technology. It is optimized for the latest smartphones and tablets, and delivers a great user experience with elegant and attractive design.

HTML5 is here
Build apps with the same look and feel as the native apps. Leverage the great native features of the iPhone and Android OS.

Powerful code generator
The Code Generator can generate your mobile app source code from a high-level design. You can also develop and design the UI in any programming language such as C#, Java, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and etc.

Designed for web and desktop applications
CrossUI not only supports native app UI, but also can be used to develop web apps, desktop applications and hybrid mobile apps for Windows, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT.

Flexible UI layout and appearance
CrossUI gives you the possibility to customize the app layout and appearance. You can insert standard controls, make widgets available for your app or use different layout templates.

Deliver your app to a wider audience
This solution provides a client-server approach with a rapid deployment and support for various OS environments. You can deliver your apps to the users in different markets, and scale the app with no difficulty.


Award-winning web app creator
CrossUI RAD Tools Portable is a cross-platform desktop and web application development tool that enables you to create and package any kind of desktop or web application without using a complex development environment.

Windows RT app support
CrossUI RAD Tools Portable includes a module to create Windows RT app and easily run your app on a Windows RT tablet.

HTML5 and JavaScript support
CrossUI RAD Tools Portable supports cross-platform development, cross-platform deployment and cross-platform production environments.

Support for multiple Windows, Windows Phone and Windows RT tablet editions
CrossUI RAD Tools Portable has been designed to be very flexible and compatible to different OS editions.

Out-of-the-box development
Using the easy to use and user-friendly interface, the CrossUI RAD Tools Portable allows you to build your own app in no time.

To do so, in the first step, you need to open the Designer. In the Designer, you can easily customize your app according to your app features. The Design Manager enables you to develop any kind of app; you can use standard controls, widgets, images, menus and so on,

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CrossUI RAD Tools


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CrossUI RAD Tools License Key Full

CrossUI RAD Tools is a handy tool designed to ease the work with the web applications and help you quickly build Native Desktop Applications for both Windows and MAC OS.
It contains a large number of cross-platform components, suitable for developing web and desktop applications on Windows and macOS. The project is based on Microsoft Internet technologies and is compatible with the.NET Framework and HTML5.
Key Features:
– Native Desktop Applications for Windows (Windows8, Windows7, Windows10, Windows XP, Windows Vista) and Mac (OSX) systems.
– Windows Forms Applications for Windows (Windows8, Windows7, Windows10, Windows XP, Windows Vista) and macOS (OSX) systems.
– ASP.NET / Visual Studio for.NET (Windows8, Windows7, Windows10, Windows XP, Windows Vista) and Android (Android 4.4) mobile applications.
– Powerful and easy to use IDE that will help you create and package web and native desktop applications within minutes.
– Extensible tools and ready-to-use code snippets for better and more effective project development.
– Customizable help with online and offline documentation and easy access to information.
CrossUI RAD Tools Portable has a program to be installed on portable devices with limited storage space.
About the Team:
CrossUI RAD Tools is a team of programmers based on the United States.
The team is composed of 5 experts in the area of.NET development (5 years experience).
Our team works to develop quality and innovative products.
In addition, we are available at the time of purchase and delivery of the product.
We care about your business and sincerely hope that you are satisfied with our services.
Thank you for your attention and we wish you the best.

published:10 Jun 2016


dotmold is a virtual prototyping platform that allows you to create you your first part, assembly, decorative item or product in a matter of minutes.
Use your own images for a 100% realistic result, directly in 3D on your Computer – no matter if it’s Windows or Mac. And the best: You can play the preview videos in full-screen mode.
And: dotmold is free for all users in need of realistic 3D previews and prototypes.
Main features include:
– Create and edit 3D models in a number of 3D file formats :.obj,.dae,.zip,.psd,.fbx

What’s New In?

CrossUI RAD Tools is a powerful utility for creating, debugging and distributing native or web-based Windows applications on the desktop and the web. It is developed to be easy and intuitive to use, but with advanced features and tools.
Features include:
* Creation and debugging of desktop applications
* Creation and debugging of web applications
* Distribution of compiled applications
* Distribution of the source code of compiled applications
* Source code management
* Snippets, or snippets of code to be used in debugging, recompilation, etc.
* Portable applications for distribution of compiled applications on all supported architectures (x86, x64 and ARM)
* Configuration and distribution of user and application data
* Source code management and deployment of plug-ins
* Package generation for distribution of both compiled and source code
* Native (Win32/x86/x64) and web applications


This is quite a vague question, I am afraid.
CrossUI comes with a C++ library, which is required for the development of desktop applications. If you want to use it for web applications, you will have to use C++ or JavaScript. There are also other libraries you could choose from. You can write your own native or JavaScript library, for example, or there are quite a few ready-to-use ones available (for example, jQuery UI).
If you wish to develop with the C++ library, then you must create a desktop application. If you wish to use the JavaScript library for web development, you have to create a web application. There are also other ways to make a web application with C++, for example, and C++ offers plenty of features that may interest you, especially if you wish to develop a desktop application at the same time.

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System Requirements For CrossUI RAD Tools:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000, NVIDIA Geforce 8600M GS
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
A few months ago, we published an article looking at some new developers and their upcoming games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and now, thanks to the guys over at Game Informer,