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Code OnTime Generator is a unique general purpose free code generator for Microsoft.NET. Built as an open platform with XML, XPath, XSLT, and AJAX, the tool redefines the way you think and approach the code generation.
Thanks to the embedded Code DOM compiler, your XML coded program will be transformed into Visual C# or Visual Basic program code. This allows creating the code generator projects as XML Databases and then applying artificial intelligence magic of XPath and XSLT stylesheets to the data to efficiently produce the programming language code, such as C# and Visual Basic, or markup code, such as ASP.NET and XAML. Regardless of the output code type you will use the same consistent set of code generation techniques.
■ .NET Framework







Code OnTime Generator Activator [Win/Mac]

Code OnTime Generator – is a free, unique, general purpose code generator for Microsoft.NET! By using this tool, you can generate all types of code on-the-fly. Program Code, as well as VB and C# program, markup, register, extender blocks and database definitions can be generated easily.

You can generate the code into multiple XML based languages: HTML, Visual Basic, C#, VB.NET, XML, XSL and others. Choose from the standard features, or you can also customize your own. Generate program, markup, register, extender and database definitions.
You can also work with these tools in a cloud-based environment that allows you to generate your code in any device on-the-fly. And you can instantly update your code as soon as the specified changes are saved.
How does Code OnTime Generator work?
You can type your program code, and it will be automatically generated – no code edits, no programming knowledge required!
Your XML coded program will be built just as if you typed all the code by yourself, and you can pick up this XML coded program and import it into any non-XML coding language, and do not need to worry about the programming code type, language, or even type control. You can also use the same created project file, to share it with your colleagues to share the code and make code changes.
The code generation engine of Code OnTime Generator is a powerful set of code generation techniques, algorithms, and components:
The code generation engine of Code OnTime Generator is based on the DOM model for the XML code generation. The XML DOM covers all the nodes and tags of the XML coded program, so that you can easily access any XML node, such as elements, attributes, text, or comments.
■ XPath
The XML DOM engine is equipped with a built-in XPath engine that allows you to pick any node of the XML Dom tree, and get the desired data. It supports XPath expression with the type of Boolean, numbers and strings.
The XML DOM engine is based on an XML transformation engine and supports XSLT type, which is used to define the translation between the XML Dom tree and your XML coded program. By using the XSLT engine, it allows you to write the stylesheet template, and define the translation rules. This allows you to write the XML coded program using the

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The Code OnTime Generator is a unique general purpose code generator, it has great potential to take you far away from the tedious coding for that is done so often, with less time and more error free. This code generator is unique because of its usage of full-proof XML technologies.
This article explains how to use the Code OnTime to generate source code for.NET project.


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How do I extract a value from a nested node?

I’m not very sure about how to extract a value from a nested node in XML in a C# code. I have an XML file like this:


John Doe

The organization_id is the only information that I need. Is there any way to extract just the organization_id number from the XML?


If the organization id is always the first node, you can just get it like this:
var doc = XDocument.Load(xmlFilePath);
var organizationId = doc.Root

Otherwise, you can use XPath like this:
var doc = XDocument.Load(xmlFilePath);
var organizationId = (string) doc.XPathSelectElement(“//organization/organization_id/text()”);

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What’s New In?

Code OnTime Generator is an XML based general purpose code generator created to generate.NET platform specific programming code such as C# or Visual Basic. Built on the CodeDOM technology, the tool is ideal to produce the code generator that represents the DLL or EXE as an XML datastore with ability to persist the production-ready output code as separate documentation file. The tool can be used either as a stand-alone generator or part of any project generation tool as long as the target output is XML code.
Along with the core features, which includes Code OnTime Generator, CodeDom is simply a Visual Studio.NET add-on that enables you to do coding in any supported programming language. It can be used as an add-in to Visual Studio, but this requires a separate installation and download from the CodeDom website.
■ Built-in XML Editor
Code OnTime Generator provides a really useful XML editor that can be used in the creation of the DLL or EXE code generator project. The editor helps you to complete program documentation in the XML based format to use the data as part of the generation task. Code OnTime Generator’s code editor allows inserting the data along with the XML tags using a graphical interface. The code editor looks like the regular XML editor in Visual Studio for editing XML files.
■ XML Database Interface
Code OnTime Generator provides the interface to the XML database. The interface is designed to generate the code that represents the DLL or EXE as a XML datastore. The XML datastore allows you to store the code generator project file, DLL or EXE as an XML document in any supported format. The XML output is stored in a hierarchical way where all the sub-projects are represented as nodes. The tree represents the project files and sub-projects as nodes that can have their own sub-projects.
■ Generate DLL or EXE Program Files
The XML generator project file can be saved as a standalone file or can be saved as part of a larger solution. When the project file is saved as part of a solution it will be saved as a part of the solution file. The solution file is created as part of the workspace. It provides a set of project files that can be packaged into a single solution.
■ Generate Assembly, Project, Project File, Database, Solution or Sln file as XML Datastore
Code OnTime Generator supports a set of XML as well as solution based XML

System Requirements For Code OnTime Generator:

Supported hardware:
Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent; Intel Core i3 or equivalent; AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
Windows 7/8 64-bit; 64-bit
2GB (2048MB) RAM
Windows 7/8 64-bit or later
1GB RAM graphics card, DirectX 9.0c compatible, or better
1GB RAM graphics card, DirectX 9.0c compatible,