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Hello and I’m back.

I have been gone for a very long time. Seven long years, it seems. I know I’ve been remiss in my upkeep of the blog and that is just sad.

The good news is that I did have a computer and I was using it. I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything to get back to the place I was when I first started writing this site.

It’s been tough. No internet and no idea how it works and I figured out why I was struggling this summer. I’ve been working for the last six months or more to save up money to buy a laptop. I’m still struggling to find a deal but I managed it.

I work and study full-time and I moved cities so I have been being deposited with a new laptop each quarter. This was the fourth one in a year.

So I’m slowly getting this back up and running.

I love writing and I hope to be writing again soon so I want to jump back in here and see what people think of it.Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Current Evidence.
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My husband and I brought the lifeless body back to our house and put it in our back yard.

Our family of eight has had a surprisingly positive experience with animals. We have been lucky in other ways as well. One year ago we discovered a river otter on our property.

It was a raccoon trapped by frozen ice. We eventually released it back into the wild.

In another episode of running into wildlife, this year we found a young nutria on our property. This delightful creature has an amazing defense mechanism against predators.

If a raccoon or animal comes into its burrow, it will dig into the ground under the earth to unearth its food supply. The animal is actually digging itself into a hole where it can close the opening from the surface with soil, dirt, leaves and grass. It almost creates an underground shelter. The animal is safe within its enclosed space.

This protective behavior has fooled humans in the past. Humans used to view animals as prey. We found a large specimen of this animal, about 1.5 to 2 feet long, by clearing a swamp.

The creature had no fear