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Here is the About “Boost 11” in Cakewalk Sonar:

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Category:Digital audio workstation softwareEarly postoperative vasopressor administration does not increase the risk of bleeding and transfusions: a prospective randomized trial.
A randomized prospective trial was conducted to determine whether postoperative vasopressor administration increased the risk of bleeding and transfusions. One hundred five patients (mean age, 70 +/- 11 years; 85 undergoing cardiac surgery, 20 undergoing vascular surgery) were randomized to receive normal saline (n = 52) or noradrenaline (n = 53) as a continuous infusion. Mean preoperative blood loss was 872 +/- 917 mL (normal saline) and 1046 +/- 830 mL (noradrenaline). Mean length of cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) was 87 +/- 50 minutes (normal saline) and 95 +/- 51 minutes (noradrenaline). Intraoperative blood loss was similar between the two groups. The incidence of major postoperative bleeding (defined as either bleeding into a surgical field requiring wound exploration, blood loss > 300 mL, or blood products transfusion) was 7% (normal saline) versus 8% (noradrenaline). The incidence of bleeding requiring reexploration was 2% (normal saline) versus 1% (noradrenaline). All bleeding was treated at the bedside without the need for hemodynamic support. No patients required a transfusion postoperatively. The incidence of acute renal failure was similar between the two groups (29% in normal saline, 33% in noradrenaline). No patient in the noradrenaline group required inotropic support postoperatively, compared to 19% in the normal saline group. Postoperative intensive care unit (ICU) and hospital lengths of stay were similar in the two groups. There were no deaths in either group. Vasopressor administration after cardiac or vascular surgery may not increase the risk of postoperative bleeding. Further studies with large numbers of patients are needed to confirm the results.Initial presentation of primary endobronchial mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue-type large B-cell lymphoma with minimal symptoms: a case report.
A 29-year-old man was referred to our hospital for the initial diagnosis of recurrent bronchial stenosis. Chest radiographs and computed tomography scans


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The present invention relates to a thermal flow meter for measuring an amount of heat transfer of a flowing fluid, and, in particular, to an improved construction of a fluke portion in a thermal flow meter which prevents the undesirable flow from occurring in the fluid such as air by means of a guide projection in a housing.
2. Description of the Prior Art
In general, a thermal flow meter measures an amount of heat transferred from a primary liquid (principle liquid) which flows in a conduit to a fluke portion disposed in the conduit, and gives an indication of the amount of heat. In most of flow meters of this type, a primary liquid enters into the conduit and flows in a direction away from the fluke portion. The fluke portion has one or more openings and the primary liquid flows to the fluke portion through these openings. The fluke portion has a passage of a predetermined size which has resistance to the flow of the primary liquid and the heat transfer from the primary liquid to the fluke portion is measured as an amount of heat loss of the primary liquid due to flow resistance. In a conventional construction of the fluke portion, a bar-like, flat plate is disposed in the conduit to form a passage such that one end of the flat plate contacts the primary liquid and the other end opens at a discharge opening of the conduit.
However, in the conventional construction of the fluke portion, the area of the opening at the discharge opening of the conduit is varied and the shape of the opening in the bar-like, flat plate is varied according to the area of the opening at the discharge opening. As a result, when the amount of heat loss is measured, there is a difference in the thermal contact area between the flat plate and the primary liquid at the opening. Accordingly, the conventional construction of the fluke portion has the problem that the thermal contact area is varied and the measured amount of heat loss is varied, resulting in an inaccurate amount of heat loss. Further, the passage in the flat plate is not smoothly formed and a turbulent flow occurs, resulting in a further measurement error.
The present invention has been achieved in consideration of the problems of the prior art and an object of the present invention is to provide a thermal flow meter of a construction of a fluke portion in which an accurate thermal contact area between the primary liquid and the flat plate at the opening is obtained and the turbulent flow is prevented.