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Base2BaseConvert For Windows










A simple program to convert from one base to another base, without carrying out the same operation for the other way around.

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Base2BaseConvert is a straightforward tool that can be used to convert numbers from one base to another.
The interface is simple and practical.
The application supports numbers with decimal points.
The app has a Windows 32/64 and Mac versions.
Moreover, it is completely free.1. Field of the Invention
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What do these UML icons mean?

I don’t understand what these icon mean. The UML is a software life cycle diagram which is fairly simple but I don’t understand what the various icons on the right side mean.


Most likely, those icons refer to chapters and modules in a book. In a book-like UML diagram, an item usually represents a part of a document (or, in some cases, a part of a component or a module). The left side of the icon represents the book chapters, and the right side represents modules or components.
If you see the icons in the middle, they are probably icons to indicate that there are package dependencies (which is described in more detail in the “Book” UML profile).

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Base2BaseConvert Crack X64

Base2BaseConvert is a tool for performing number conversions between
different bases.
To start with, choose the source and destination base numbers, the
length of the number in the source base and the length of the
destination number. Once done, click the Convert button to
have the base conversion performed.
• With this tool you can convert from ANY base to ANY base.
• You can choose any base you want, like binary, decimal,
octal, hexadecimal, etc.
• Conversions are executed in ONE go, no intermediate
“parentheses” are needed.
• No requirement for pre-number conversions like
“stringification” of the source and destination numbers.
• The decimal point can be adjusted in steps of 10, 100,
• The length of the number in the source base can be adjusted.
• The length of the destination number in the destination base can
be adjusted.
• Support for decimal numbers with and without
fractional part.
• Sorting numbers from short to long in each base is supported.
• Customizable color scheme of the tool window.
• This is a simple and light-weight tool. It is not meant to
be used as a “number calculator”.
• It is NOT a “number rounder”. This is a conversion tool.
If you want to round numbers, you’d be better of with using
other applications.
• There are no “forgot-password” functions. You can “forget”
the password by simply closing the tool window.
• No more than 5 concurrent conversions (conversions of the same
values) are supported. This means that you may be able to
carry out conversions for multiple values at once, but there
may be delays in the execution (caused by the program being
• Java 1.5 or higher is required to run this tool.
• The JVM must be installed.
• This is a cross-platform application. It was
developed using Java under the Windows platform,
but should work under any platform that supports
Support and Other:
Email: [email protected]
This program is free software; you can redistribute it

What’s New in the Base2BaseConvert?

Base2BaseConvert is a simple and practical application,
and it will make your life a little bit easier.
Simply choose the base of your numbers and the one to which you want to turn
them, and press the Convert button. If you are
looking for a tool that can convert numbers from one base into
another, this is exactly what you need!

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System Requirements For Base2BaseConvert:

Requires a high-speed internet connection. Please check your network speed before purchasing.
We recommend playing the game with a PC with at least a Intel Core i5 Processor and 8 GB RAM.
There are only three maps currently available. 2.0 is under testing and may be unstable at this time. We are working on improving the matchmaking, lobby, and gameplay for the stable version. 2.1 has been released to provide a more stable platform for 2.0 players. The game will run well with high-end PC hardware.
For optimum performance,