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While AutoCAD is primarily used for 2D drafting, it can be used for 3D modeling with 3D Extensible Markup Language (XML) file formats. AutoCAD 2010 introduced 3D modeling capabilities in 2D Drafting, and in AutoCAD LT 2007, 2D drafting was upgraded to 3D modeling. In addition, some 2D drafting features were brought to the 3D drafting world.

A group of drafting tools called Master Modelers was introduced in AutoCAD 2003 to create and manage complex 3D models.

Features of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is an integrated suite of programs that focus on the visual aspects of design and drafting. This collection of CAD applications provides 2D and 3D drafting, manufacturing, technical drawing and presentation design tools. In addition, AutoCAD comes with a variety of feature-rich tools that can be used to manage, annotate and modify model content.

AutoCAD is easy to learn and use, and it is available for a wide range of platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be purchased as a standalone product or part of a larger design and drafting software suite, or as a subscription. AutoCAD supports a number of input devices, including:



Pointing stick

Wacom pen tablet

Ricoh inkjet printer


Touch screen

Voice input

Here are some of the main features of AutoCAD:

2D Drafting: As the name suggests, this software is meant for drafting. The user interface (UI) uses a pen to write and draw lines, make simple cuts, and use tools to draft the desired shapes. If you want to generate a 3D model, you will need to have a copy of Autodesk’s Dimension.

3D Modeling: This software is primarily used for 3D modeling. It is often referred to as a ‘3D CAD program’ because it supports 3D model creation with a number of 3D objects, including:

2D and 3D solids, surfaces, and complex volumes

Arrows and splines

Polygons and splines


Dimensional lumber

Geometric objects and symbols

Finite elements

Polyhedral objects

Creases and folds

Units and constraints

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The Application Programming Interface (API) of Json.exe is an embedded scripting language used by AutoCAD to access the application’s functions. This programming language can also be used by other developers to add functionality to AutoCAD.

The Json.exe API works similar to Visual Basic.NET (VBN). Json.exe script files are.exe files, so they can be run on Windows. The file can be found by searching for “Json.exe” under the AutoCAD Scripts folder.

Table-driven programming
CAD table-driven programming (CADTP) is a new programming language that supports editing and design, where a designer using a tool can create a drawing from predefined tables. This feature is accessible through the table-driven user interface (TUI). CADTP also allows the embedding of scripts directly within table elements.

AutoCAD’s native Python API is called PyAutoCAD. The Python API provides a high level interface for access to the data, methods and the functions of the AutoCAD executable. In addition, it provides for application extensions.

AutoCAD natively supports Perl programming through the Perl API. The Perl API is not a full programming language and only enables direct use of the AutoCAD executable.

XML is a common language, usually used for Data Interchange. AutoCAD’s native XML API is called XPM.

AutoCAD natively supports AutoAssembler for Windows and UNIX, which allows programs to be generated from AutoCAD files. The Assembler API runs in the background, running the program using it. The function of the AutoAssembler component is similar to Python, but with a higher level of abstraction, so it is not as easy to learn, but the code generated is more manageable than Python.

There are additional Python APIs, which allow developers to directly work with the various Python objects. This is done through the use of the AutoCAD object data model, which is based on the AutoLISP Object Data Model. These include:

PyAutoCAD is a Python module for the AutoCAD Automation Server. It allows a developer to work with the object data model through its objects and methods. It is used for user interface objects (dialogs and panes), and other methods and

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The List: 18 Aug 1999 (Issue 368)

Welcome to The List, the only place where you can find out
what’s really happening around town. On the agenda this week:

the Goodwood Playhouse looks to reopen

a plea for positivity from the Royal Festival Hall

it’s not all dirt for the men’s matches

foreign guests pack the Dome for the latest event

Ministry of Sound plans to move to the Dome

nationalist v Socialist

it’s all politics for the Labour Party

Popemobile chaos

try and catch the French Open

more tennis, more style

Scottish Premiership tables

local football news

the student union is gearing up for the Big Bang

Builders row

the behind-the-scenes world of the cinema

The List: 18 Aug 1999


Dear Editor,

No one could accuse the Brighton Bonfire Society of being lacking
in imagination. For the last 12 years they have been organising
an enormous firework display every year around Guy Fawkes Night,
aimed squarely at attracting people to Brighton. Last year, in
recognition of the upcoming millennium, they came up with a theme
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bonfire has been laid out in a series of footpaths leading to
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to the sea front, the Brighton Pavilion, a rather tasteless building
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As you make your way towards the very tip-top of Brighton,
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What’s New in the?

Print preview feature for markup and annotation assist users to preview the impact of their changes before sending the drawing to the print service.

Faster and Easier Markup in the 2D and 3D Design Center:

Edit or add to text using AutoCAD’s industry-leading text tool, and see the text in perspective. Text lines up with other text and symbols, automatically.

You can also use the previous to choose a new perspective or go back to an earlier one. The In Viewports and In Viewport Add-in can be accessed by double-clicking a viewport in the 2D or 3D Design Center.

If you are importing a drawing into AutoCAD that contains text that was created in AutoCAD 17 or earlier, or if the drawing was saved with text from a previous version of AutoCAD, you can choose between importing the text as plain text or converting it to a style.

There are new text styles that provide styles in various predefined industries. These styles are based on the industry standard style files used in many commercial industry-standard CAD software.

Text tools now support adding an outline to any text, making it easier to edit and add more complex labels.

Document Sets are a feature that we added in AutoCAD 2019 to improve sharing of drawing files. A Document Set is an archive of files that can be shared across your enterprise. In the past you had to send your drawings in a separate ZIP file, but now you can send them as a single package. With the Document Set feature you can open the package in AutoCAD or any other software that supports the Automation Interface (Ai) protocol. Document Sets are more than just a ZIP file. You can use them to make changes to the drawings, then re-package the file and share it. (video: 2:00 min.)

You can now link multiple pages of a PDF to an AutoCAD drawing, making it easy to refer to a page or view the page as you are editing the drawing.

The Data Management Wizard can be used to create several different types of data management packages:

DATaMng: This type of package can be used to create a collection of files, with a custom collection name and a title. You can also add metadata and use templates to manage the file collection.

COMaMng: This type of package

System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
CPU: Dual-core Intel or AMD (1.2 GHz, or better)
Hard drive: Minimum 1.7 GB available disk space
Wine version: 0.9.47
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 capable video card, either integrated or dedicated
Other: Steam
Minimum system requirements have not been officially announced but as of now the game requires the following:CPU: Dual-core Intel or AMD (1.2 GHz, or better)