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In 1982, Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen was the first software designed specifically for CAD, which was intended to replace the human draftsman who drew architectural, mechanical, and other blueprints in the office or at home. (AutoCAD had been developed for the use of the corporate users of AutoCAD in 1983.) For example, one user might draw the piping system for a commercial office building, whereas another may be drawing the plumbing for a house. With AutoCAD, this is all done in the same program, and new users need only learn one program. The program handles pipes, appliances, wiring, and other common components of structures as well as beams, walls, elevators, furniture, and other common components of buildings.

In addition to CAD and drafting, AutoCAD can be used for other types of drafting and designing, such as wireframe, AutoCAD has also been used in other applications such as construction, architectural drawing and 3D modeling, graphic design, industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and architecture.

AutoCAD was created to enhance a CADD user’s productivity and to provide a way to bring their skills to work. Initially, the user was given a “safe” area to create his drawings, and they could only be brought to the publisher. The publisher then created a second area that only the publisher could see. This is the first serious impact of CAD in the field of drafting.

In addition to the ability to update the drawings without leaving the application, AutoCAD provided a friendly and productive environment for the user. The application used tabbed document structures.

The first major revision was AutoCAD version 2.0, which was released in July 1986. It was the first version to be upgraded automatically to a new major release if the user did not perform an update.

AutoCAD has had many versions since, and has a vast array of features, including text, raster and vector graphics, 3D animation, engineering design, and engineering documentation.

The user may draw objects, including circles, rectangles, lines, and other shapes in the drawing window. The user may draw the object in the drawing window or may use the freehand tool to draw the object on the screen.

In AutoCAD, the name of the current drawing is always displayed in the title bar of the drawing window. In addition to the name of the current drawing, the name of the document that contains the drawing is also

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Further reading
Ralph J. Buon, The Autodesk Guide to the Drawing Exchange Format (Prentice-Hall, 2002),
Jeffrey Bosz, The complete Guide to AutoCAD (McGraw-Hill, 2005),

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What’s New In?

Show topology in status bar:

Highlight and determine topology in the status bar to display more information on the selected topology, including its exact location, shape, and dimensions.

Revision control:

Apply drawings to each other to create a long-lived drawing that can be checked into revision control, merged, and exported to other CAD systems. (video: 3:14 min.)

Revision history:

See the history of every change, including the date, author, and comments, in the Revision History window.

Mark and Model:

Model something in real time from a linked drawing that was created with AutoCAD Architecture. Add angles to your geometry and select the resulting parametric objects. (video: 2:23 min.)


Use engineering tolerances to specify the standard allowances for components in CAD drawings. (video: 1:40 min.)

Sketch mode:

Paint directly in your design using sketch mode. (video: 4:15 min.)

Tool-bar customization:

Configure the toolbars on the left side of the screen to include your favorite drawing commands and tools.

Live update:

Use the Type tool, the Pick command, and the Measure command to get specific values, such as length, area, perimeter, and perimeters of 3D objects or distance between points, from the cursor. (video: 2:31 min.)

Raster image controls:

Set the appearance of a raster image in a DGN-style drawing, like Microsoft Word. (video: 3:30 min.)

Layer Pane:

Quickly navigate to any layer in a drawing and modify that layer’s properties.

Measuring command changes:

You can create an exact line measurement with two clicks of the mouse, in the same way you create an exact point measurement. Measurements now include drafting tolerances and can show 3D models in your drawing.

Direct command changes:

Quickly use common drawing commands to easily create lines, curves, circles, arcs, and text. Each command has a new icon to make it easier to use.

Image text:

Quickly add text and shapes to images on the screen or in a CAD drawing.

Arc text:

Animate text along the length

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows XP 64bit or better
1.2 GHz single-core processor
512 MB RAM
DirectX 8.0
Windows Vista 64bit or better
2.0 GHz single-core processor
Memory (RAM) Requirements:
Minimum: 512 MB of RAM
Recommended: 1 GB of RAM
Hard Drive Space Requirements:
Minimum: 250 MB of free hard drive space