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AutoCAD 2018 22.0 Crack Free Download

Key AutoCAD Crack For Windows Features

AutoCAD has a number of key features and many of them can be viewed on the help menu for more details:

An overall view of the current drawing or drawing at any time.

Information display window where you can see specific information about objects or properties in the drawing.

Toolbars. The default CAD toolbars are the pencil and 3D tools. Other toolbars, such as the HV/Arch/RocBar toolbars are also available.

AutoCAD-specific toolbars. Additional toolbars, for example the Drafting Pad and Line/Style toolbars are also available.

Dimensions tool. The Dimensions tool allows you to measure, draw straight lines and measure distances between two points in the drawing.

Block or Layer Manager. The Block or Layer Manager displays a hierarchical listing of all blocks in the drawing. Select a block from the list to add the block to the current drawing.

Trackbar. Using the Trackbar, you can move selected objects relative to other objects in the drawing.

Locking. You can lock selected objects in the drawing by using the Lock tool.

Snap to Grid. The Snap to Grid tool can be used to align objects to the grid.

Select. The Select tool allows you to select, color, cut, copy, link, unlink, or convert objects in the drawing. You can also select text, numbers, dimensions, and dimensions references.

Dimensions. The Dimensions tool allows you to measure, draw straight lines and measure distances between two points in the drawing.

Dimensions Analysis. The Dimensions Analysis tool calculates dimensional properties of a selected measurement.

Geometry. The Geometry tool allows you to select, color, cut, copy, link, unlink, or convert objects in the drawing. You can also select text, numbers, dimensions, and dimensions references.

Perspective. The Perspective tool can be used to change the look of the drawing. You can use the Perspective tool to change an object’s or an area’s display style (hidden, labeled, measured, cut, copy, link, unlink, mirror, etc.).

Lines. You can select, color, draw, and delete lines in the drawing. You can also use the Perspective tool to change the look of the drawing.

Dimensions. You can measure, draw straight lines, and measure distances between two points in the drawing

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Autodesk’s Windows Forms User Interface Builder (UI Builder) allows creating an application UI in Windows Forms. AutoCAD 2009 applications have better UI Builder that let you create dialogs with progress bars and other widgets to make the application more user-friendly.

API reference and how-to document

AutoCAD supports APIs for various development languages.


AutoLISP is a very powerful and popular scripting language. Any AutoCAD function can be scripted and automated using AutoLISP. In AutoLISP, variables can be declared and used, and nested functions can be defined within other functions. AutoLISP is an interpreted language. A compiler is used to convert the AutoLISP code into native machine code, but it is not required. An AutoLISP script is also executed by an interpreter as a background process. The interpreter can be written in a variety of programming languages.

AutoLISP supports object-oriented programming and subroutines. Therefore, it can automate the more complex tasks and perform heavy calculations. It also allows accessing the external databases. It has a useful GUI builder that allows easy creation of a user interface in AutoCAD. It is similar to Visual Basic and Visual C++. Many AutoCAD programmers learned AutoLISP and its scripting tools in-depth.

It is common to combine both AutoLISP and Visual LISP (or AutoLISP Visual) in a single application. AutoLISP, then, can be used to automate drawing functions and Visual LISP (or Visual AutoLISP) can be used to provide graphic user interface (GUI).

AutoLISP is available from within AutoCAD and is supported by most of the APIs. It has been included in AutoCAD for many years. However, a number of versions, such as AutoLISP version 5, lack some advanced features like object-oriented programming, subroutines and object-oriented graphics.

AutoCAD 2004 also includes VBA, which is similar to Visual Basic. It supports object-oriented programming, event handling and simple loops. VBA is also available from within AutoCAD, but it is not supported by all of the APIs.


VBA is a proprietary Microsoft application programming interface (API) which allows developers to create AutoCAD and other applications. It is similar to AutoLISP

AutoCAD 2018 22.0 Free Download

If you have a license key from Autodesk Autocad you can add it as a “new key” and then you can download the software as many time as you want.

Is there a free version of Autodesk AutoCAD and with the keygen would I be able to use the software on a virtual machine? (Also, if so, where would I get the key and would I need to register?)


There is a free version of Autocad available called AutoCAD LT. You do not need a license key to use this software.
But if you are going to use the free version of autocad, it’s probably a better idea to use a virtual machine rather than a bare-metal machine. When you have an operating system running, it’s a bit easier to manage the software rather than using a computer that only has access to the bare-metal.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add to Dashboard:

Replace the temporary menu bar with your own or remove the menu bar entirely. Control which menus are displayed on the dashboard. (video: 1:37 min.)

View All:

See all menus in one place. View menu items by category to quickly find what you need.

Printing Improvements:

Automatically open PDFs for printing.

Print directly from any window, including drawings.

Print multiple pages per sheet (up to 1000 pages per drawing).

Print directly from the current drawing using the Crop and Scale option.

Printing Support:

Print to four PDF drivers and two file formats (one local).

Add and manage printer settings for individual drawings.

Print from the application’s Help file.

PDF Tools:

Use PDF annotations in drawings.

Add a watermark to PDFs.

Add text and watermark to PDF files.

Automatically apply metadata settings to PDFs.

Generate bookmarks from PDF files.

Rendering and Assigning:

Use text tool path style in drawings.

Draw text with text style outlines, and then change text style with the path, which also updates the text.

Draw text and bezier paths with a single click.

Work with nodes and quadrics to create closed curves.

Add nodes, quadrics, and Bézier curves to a drawing.

Add 3D capability to simple polylines.

Draw 3D curves, and have the option to flatten them into 2D.

Draw complex solid and 3D objects with nodes and quadrics.

Create conditional drawing elements (a.k.a., “if/then”).

Create plans from polygons, arcs, Bézier curves, and straight lines.

Add drawings to a workbook.

See related drawings on the same sheet.

Raster image tools:

Add and assign textures.

Render and convert graphics files.

Convert images and graphics to a format supported by the cloud.

Add text or bezier and quadric elements to graphics and create transparency.

Improvements in General:

View parameters in the Customize dialog.

Adjust details in the Drawing/Xref/History dialog.

Improvements in Managing Layers

System Requirements:

Mac OS X v10.5 or higher
2 GB of RAM
200 MB of hard drive space
DirectX 9.0c or higher
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
Minimum Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Credits and Thanks:
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Somewhere in Greece.
Install Instructions: